Electrical Distributors Basics

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Electrical distributors are among the list of companies that contractors and builders work with closely. Electrical distributors ...

Electrical distributors are among the list of companies that contractors and builders work with closely. Electrical distributors provide all of the electrical supplies that contractors require for completing their job. Hardware and home improvement stores use electrical distributors to stock their retail inventory.

Choosing the right electrical distributor for your building company or retail business is very important. The better electrical products you receive, the happier you will make your client. In addition, the better pricing you receive from the electrical distributor, the more profit you make from the job. Before you select an electrical distributor for your company, learn the electrical distributors basics below:

1. Electrical distributors offer products and service for contractors to install electrical items.

2. Contractors rely on electric distributors to offer up-to-date news about electrical products.

3. Home improvement stores rely on electrical distributors for their retail electrical inventory.

Electrical distributors can provide contractors with supplies for building jobs

Electrical distributors specialize in electrical products. They offer much more than lamps, lighting and bulbs. Contractors rely on electrical distributors for electrical supplies such as wire devices, cable and cord, motor controls, cable fittings, conduit, tools and distribution equipment. Electrical distributors offer advice on the best products to serve your needs. They are familiar with many different types of electrical products and help you make educated decisions for your building project.

Distributors with commercial electrical supplies provide large inventory on big jobs

Commercial projects often require many different products than residential jobs, and a commercial electrical distributor specializes in these products. Contractors purchase lighting fixtures, bulbs and supplies in bulk for hospitals, hotels, malls, schools and more. Commercial electrical equipment distributors offer contractors a large inventory for big commercial jobs.

Electrical distributors help determine stock at home improvement stores

Hardware and home improvement retail store purchase inventory from electrical product distributors. In many cases, an electrical distributor representative visits the store and offers suggestions on the types of products that the store should keep in stock. Some stores prefer for the electrical distributor representative to keep track of, order and stock the shelves. Others keep track of their own electrical inventory and contact the electrical distributor representative when more products are needed.

  • When examining electrical distributors basics to see which distributor is right for your company's industrial electrical supplies, pay close attention to customer service. Select distributors that guarantee their products.

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