Embrace the Cloud-Based Telephony System for Your Business

Business.com / Business Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Nearly 70% of businesses face challenges with traditional in-office phone systems. Find out why it's time to embrace cloud-based technology.

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The Internet has dramatically changed business. Today's workforce demands flexibility, security, and open access to meet the needs of the daily grind. And they want to be able to use nearly any device from just about anywhere at any time. 

Still, today's economic pressures and limited budgets challenge small-and-medium-sized businesses to accomplish more with less. 70% of businesses with traditional in-office phone systems face challenges with inflexibility, complexity, and expense. Many companies are turning to cloud-based solutions and services to fill their growing business needs in a cost-effective manner. 

The following report highlights:

  • What telephony systems are. 
  • Common telephony myths.
  • Quesions to ask before making the move to the cloud. 
  • Expectations to consider.
  • A list of telephony vendors that cater to small-to-medium-businesses. 
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