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Emerging Millennial Moms: How Motherhood Transforms This Influential Set

Business.com / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Studies show that the Millennial consumer journey changes significantly when women have children. These interesting stats help marketing!

In 2014, our Influence Central Consumer Insights team issued a landmark study on the Millennial consumer.

In that report, we illuminated the intrepid nature of the Millennial generation – how its focus on experiences, penchant for fact-finding and opinion-gathering, and fluency with social media shaped its approach to consumerism.

Since that study, Millennials have continued their rise as today’s most influential demographic, and marketers, in particular, want to learn more about reaching and connecting with this new cohort, as well as what comes next. So earlier this year, our team launched a new, groundbreaking study on Millennials – including more than 1,000 Millennial women, Millennial moms, as well as Boomer and Gen X women to more fully contextualize the Millennial cohort.

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We wanted to gain a deeper understanding of what happens when Millennials experience new life phases and transitions – motherhood, for example – and how they impact the generation.

Here’s what we found – including both overarching themes and key stats:

Motherhood Represents a Time of Dramatic Change for Millennial Women

Our study illuminated that the Millennial consumer journey changes significantly when women have children – their purchase path undergoes essentially a complete course correction. Ultimately, this transition results in Millennials Moms altering how they identify new products, as well as their needs and expectations for brands they bring into their homes.

  • 100 percent of Millennial Moms follow brands on social media; only 58 percent of Millennial Women (non-Moms) do.
  • 84 percent of Millennial Moms follow brands’ social media channels to receive info, deals, and coupons from them – compared with 46 percent of Millennial Women 

Millennial Moms Up Their Usage of Digital Devices

Overall, Millennial Women live their lives steeped in technology and social media, but our research study demonstrated that when these women become Moms, their digital use increases.

  • 95 percent of Millennial Moms own a Smartphone vs. 87 percent of non-Moms
  • 81 percent of Moms prefer texting to talking vs. 77 percent of non-Moms
  • 90 percent of Moms use a tablet, as compared to 60 percent of non-Moms
  • 45 percent of Moms own an Internet TV device, as compared to 28 percent of non-Moms

Online Reviews Resonate With Millennial Moms

Our research demonstrated that Millennial woman really look for the detail and the facts of a product in an online review – that’s really their goal so they can gather all necessary information and make the best decision.

But when these Millennials become Moms, what they look for becomes the story behind that review, so that first-person experience with the product is really what gets a Millennial Mom’s focus.

  • For Moms, 74 percent say sharing specific examples and similarity to their life has the most appeal while 67 percent cite the amount of detail in a review.
  • For non-Mom Millennials, facts matter more than personal anecdotes, with 65 percent saying they most value the amount of detail in a review while 61 percent say they value knowing the reviewer is a verified user.

Millennial Moms Look to Share Their Experiences

As Millennial Moms realize how much they value personal storytelling in a review, they then want to share their own perspective. They have a very powerful need to share their experiences and pass these insights on – with 90 percent of Moms posting reviews often/occasionally. In fact, Millennial Moms – more so than Millennials – use social media to share insights and expertise.

Millennial Moms Use Social Media To:

  • Be an influencer (86 percent)
  • Express opinions (83 percent)
  • Connect with the community (79 percent)
  • Give advice to others (72 percent)
  • Make brand recommendations (71 percent)
  • Share stories with others (70 percent)

Consider These Differences Among Non-Mom Millennials:

  • Be an influencer (13 percent)
  • Express opinions (51 percent)
  • Connect with the community (43 percent)
  • Give advice to others (25 percent)
  • Make brand recommendations (9 percent)
  • Share stories with others (38 percent)

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Millennial Moms View Digital Technology as a Parenting Tool

Millennial Moms – having grown up immersed in social media and online technology – have not only upped their digital usage when they become Moms, but they also view the Internet as a key parenting tool.

Today, these Moms use digital technology as a way to source kid-centric information, as well as a way to connect with other Moms going through similar experiences.

  • 77 percent saying the Internet makes them a better parent
  • 91 percent of Moms say the Internet allows them to easily find fun things to do with their kids
  • 87 percent believe it enables them to research insights to enhance their parenting skills
  • 81 percent saying they use it to find Moms experiencing similar issues
  • 79 percent agreeing online technology allows them to connect with other Moms, regardless of the hour

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