Employee Scheduling Basics

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Employee scheduling is more than just assigning people to a time slot. It's about using a work scheduler to balance the most ...

Employee scheduling is more than just assigning people to a time slot. It's about using a work scheduler to balance the most effective use of the labor force and the contentment of that group. Efficient scheduling is great, but if your employees aren't happy, it can lead to higher new employee training costs and a loss of experienced workers. Therefore, you should leverage the advantages of labor scheduling software, but not at the expense of your employees.

With employee scheduling basics, it takes equal parts psychology and statistics to properly utilize your worker scheduling. For example, good employees don't come without their own needs. The staff scheduling program may say it's best to have an employee work in the afternoon, but it doesn't take into account that the employee may have a child and need to pick them up after school. Prior to implementing any employee scheduling process, there are a few items to consider, such as:

1. Differentiate between optimal and real world employee schedule challenges.

2. Employ a consultant to incorporate flexibility into your employee schedules.

3. Use employee scheduling software in combination with the need of your staff.

Contrast the most cost effective employee scheduling with workplace reality

There are many challenges that an employee schedule provides. However, if you balance the basics of time, costs and human resources elements, it'll make for a much more proficient company.

Hire a consultant to help you balance the employee scheduling basics

One of the best ways to manage cost and people at the same time is to institute a flexible scheduling program. If you haven't implemented such a program before, it's best to hire an outside consultant to at least help get the program started. Some of the flexible options include job sharing, permanent part-time, telecommuting and contracting.

Choose basic staff scheduling programs to improve efficiency

Work scheduling software enables you to staff your company and to block out time for your employees' personal responsibilities. That way, you won't have to write it down or remember that a shift worker needs every Tuesday afternoon off. The software takes care of it for you. Software programs that incorporate online employee scheduling, take it one-step farther by being able to send email and online updates of the schedule to your employees.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau before hiring any employee scheduler consultant or purchasing a software program. Just because they have a legitimate website, doesn't make the company reputable.
  • Remember that even though eliminating employee overtime during the scheduling process may save you money, it also eliminates a monetary objective for your employees. Just a few hours of overtime per week can have a dramatic effect on employee workplace satisfaction. This satisfaction can't be measured in mere dollars and cents.

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