Epoxy Coatings Applications and Uses

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Epoxy coatings applications and uses is multitudinous and has far-reaching effects on numerous businesses and industries. Polymer epoxy ...

Epoxy coatings applications and uses is multitudinous and has far-reaching effects on numerous businesses and industries. Polymer epoxy coating is used in the military, maritime, aeronautical, automotive and general business organizations. Epoxy coatings are utilized in dairies, fisheries, bowling allies, water treatment plants and by the department of transportation. Epoxy is also used in art, home construction and renovation, swimming pools and water slides.

Epoxy is an adhesive that is susceptible to reactions with other chemicals. When applying an epoxy, it is mixed with a hardening agent that causes it to become a very strong adhesive resistant to weathering and other chemicals. It is almost impossible to separate two agents that have been bound together by epoxy coatings. This makes an epoxy finish extremely durable, serviceable and stable. Learn how epoxy coatings can be used to benefit your business by reviewing the following.

1. Epoxy coating products are used frequently in the automotive and aeronautical industries.

2. Various businesses employ epoxy coatings for specific industry uses and needs.

3. Epoxy enamel is utilized in the military as well as in maritime commerce.

Get familiar with the function of epoxy enamel in the automotive and aeronautical industries

The automotive and aeronautical industries make frequent use of epoxy coatings. The aeronautical industry use epoxy paint for the edges of aircraft wings and epoxy floor paint for hanger floors. The automotive industry applies epoxy in various auto parts as an adhesive, in motors and also in repair kits for automobiles.

Learn about the many uses of epoxy coating products employed by businesses

There are a myriad of approaches to using an epoxy finish in the business world. Epoxy can be applied as an adhesive or coating for foam insulation, sound control, counter tops, sealants, floors, fuel stations, tank linings for wineries and breweries and much more.

Discover the application of industrial epoxy coatings in the military and in maritime trade

Maritime uses of epoxy include protection from corrosion, paint for the boat hull, repair putty and non-skid decks. The military applies epoxy coatings to hanger floors, aircraft wings, maintenance projects and sound transmission control for engine rooms.

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