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Keeping your restaurant or business clean with proper food and beverage sanitation is key to your success. Finding the right equipment ...

Keeping your restaurant or business clean with proper food and beverage sanitation is key to your success. Finding the right equipment for food and beverage sanitation is not a step you can overlook. It's vital that your business have a good reputation for cleanliness. Plus, the right food sanitation supplies will help you pass any required health inspections.

Cleaning equipment need not break your budget or eat into your profit too much. Buy wholesale, in bulk or at discount centers. In order to narrow down the equipment for food and beverage sanitation, consider the following questions:

1. How much is in your budget for commercial sanitation supplies?

2. How many rooms or areas will you need to be cleaning?

3. How often will your business need to order or restock foodservice sanitation equipment?

Check out the variety of food sanitation equipment

There are hundreds of types of equipment on the market for food sanitizers. Don't get overwhelmed by the options. Scan a few catalogs and web sites to view the variety. Narrow down what you need most and don't buy more than you need. Avoid cutting into your profit by having too many supplies on hand.

Know the standards for sanitation for food items in your area

There are both local and national rules for food safety and sanitation. Find out the rules for your business location before selecting food sanitation products. Get enough equipment and supplies to meet the rules for your business, but don't buy more than is needed.
USDA has food safety background information to review. The CDC has a food safety office with resources to help you out. has resources for industry assistance with sanitation for food.

Decide your priorities for food sanitizers

Once you are familiar with the legal standards for food sanitation, determine the priorities for your business. Set rule books on food preparation, thawing, hand washing for employees and reusing of dishes.

  • Check out the safety and health risks of ingredients before purchasing food sanitation products.
  • Keep a notebook of food and beverage sanitation rules you've set for your business for new employees.
  • Consider renting food sanitation equipment to see how you like it before buying.

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