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Many people find equity market careers to be desirable and exciting. Some of the best equity market jobs claim to put people on the ...

Many people find equity market careers to be desirable and exciting. Some of the best equity market jobs claim to put people on the fast track to financial success.

Of course, whether you make your first million quickly depends on how seriously you take your career in equities. While the job may indeed be exciting and profitable, you may find that you are working many overtime hours.

To be successful in gaining equity market employment:

1. Get at least a four-year degree. The competition for jobs in equity market is fierce and a college degree is practically a requirement. Focus on economics or business for further success.

2. Interview someone that already has employment in equity markets. This will help you understand what the job is really like and whether it is the right career path for you.

3. Network to find the best equity market employment opportunities. When it comes to investing jobs, companies fill the best positions before they even place a job ad. Potential employees learn about positions through people already working for a particular company.

Gain experience for a career in equities through college internships

There is a lot of competition for entry-level positions in equities and it's important to have some experience under your belt to stand out from the crowd. An internship can give you valuable experience, as well as the connections you need to get your first job. If the company you intern for likes you, they may offer you a permanent position after graduation.

Search investment banking job boards to find equity market jobs

When you're looking for a job, you don't want extraneous job information to waste your time. That's why it's better to look at job boards that focus on the industry you're interested in rather than all-inclusive job sites.

Use a headhunter to find employment in equity markets

There's no doubt that using a qualified professional recruiter can help you get your foot in the door of major companies. This is perfect for someone that doesn't have a lot of industry connections for equities jobs. Moreover, a good recruiter will look out for you and try to find a company that is a good fit.

  • Practice your interview skills before you apply for equity market investing jobs. Because the competition is so fierce, you want to make sure that your personality outshines the competition.

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