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Executive coaching is more than just a workplace buzzword — corporate coaching is a trend that is leading many professionals and ...

Executive coaching is more than just a workplace buzzword — corporate coaching is a trend that is leading many professionals and many companies to success. Executive business coaching melds personal and professional development, resulting in increased motivation, better leadership qualities and greater achievement. That boils down to a better bottom line for many companies. And whether you’re looking for an executive coach for yourself or for your employees, you and your business can benefit.

Plus, if you’ve ever thought about becoming an executive coach, there are more coach training programs than ever to help you realize this potentially lucrative career goal.

Here are the top considerations for executive business coaching:

  1. Set goals and establish professional priorities through executive coaching.
  2. Align executives’ personal and professional growth with company goals through executive business coaching.
  3. Want to become an executive coach? Training programs abound and can give you the certification you need.

Help yourself and company execs reach professional goals with business leadership coaching

Use executive coaching to challenge yourself and your executive-level employees to meet professional goals - and watch for a shift in employee satisfaction, productivity and yes, even revenue. Business leadership coaching can produce happier, more fulfilled employees, and that translates into higher employee retention, less absenteeism and stronger team loyalty.
Go to the top for the high-level executive coaching you need at Harvard Business School, along with a wealth of additional business leadership coachingresources and information. Or look into The Wharton School’s executive development programs for multiple business leadership coaching opportunities — and earn your Certificate of Professional Development (CPD) after completing four professional development programs within a four- to six-year period. 

Work with a professional executive coach in the office or remotely

Find coaching consultants who will provide you and your employees with the leadership coaching required. Business coaching doesn't always have to be in person; coaching by phone can also produce good results.
Coaching consultants at The Rainmaker Group work either in person or via phone and use assessment tools and customized solutions to take you and others within your organization to higher levels of performance. Advantage Coaching & Training offers executive coaching in person or over the phone and offers a 30-minute complimentary coaching session to help you find the right executive coach.

Use executive coaching to improve leadership skills

If you want to grow your business, leadership coaching can help. By improving your own leadership skills or those of your senior managers, you can motivate your entire workforce.
At the Center for Creative Leadership, you can find individual and team leadership coaching programs. FULL•LIFE Centers offers corporate coaching seminars that include a leadership series. Visit San-Francisco-based Knowledge Passion for their one-on-one effective leadership coaching to help your executives with attitude, leadership abilities and more.

Solve managerial and other business problems with corporate coaching

Executive coaching can help you find solutions for workplace issues, such as managing changes, strategizing or clarifying objectives.
Effective Executive Coaching offers executive coaching as well as change management and conflict management solutions. Executive Coaching and Resource Network offers a variety of corporate coaching solutions for strategizing, risk-taking and more.

Executive coach training courses and programs

If you want to become an executive coach, training is essential. Look for coach training programs that are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
The ICF provides a directory of accredited coach training programs. Find more coach training programs and courses in the Business.com directory.
  • An executive coach might be a psychologist, a former CEO or have other business experience.
  • Interview any executive coach you're considering to learn about their coaching training and experience.
  • Executive coaching and business leadership coaching can assist in organization succession planning.

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