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5 Ways Extraordinary Customer Service Propels Your Business Forward

Business.com / Last Modified: September 25, 2017
Photo credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

When a company has incredible customer service, the world is its oyster.

Few things are worse than poor customer service. After all, you are paying good money for a product or service. Not only should the product or service work, but the customer support backing it should be exemplary. 

When a company has poor customer service, be it the people, policies or practices they have in place, it can negatively impact the future growth it hopes to see. However, when a company has incredible customer service, the world is its oyster, and success is guaranteed to follow. Here are five reasons why the success of your business hinges on providing excellent customer service. 

1. Exceptional customer service improves your brand

Your product or service can only go so far. Without a strong team backing it, a lot is left to be desired. However, when a company includes customer service as part of their must-have brand essentials, customers will flock to be a part of a company known for having great products and a support system in place to serve customers better.

2. Repeat business reduces costs

For every one email or marketing communication you send to a current customer to keep them engaged with your company, three such messages are needed to attract new customers. The concept is simple: Returning customers come back because they like the value they've already received.

However, if a customer has never used your products or services, they need more convincing, which is going to significantly add to the marketing budget and increase expenses. Repeat business means spending less money trying to entice new clients, which frees up money for other investments or adds to the bottom line.

3. Your business gains word-of-mouth sales

Again, this is a direct example of how customer service can positively impact your budget. Regardless of whether a customer loves or hates a product, they will tell their family and friends about it. People love to talk about their experiences, and with social media, the word is getting out faster than ever before.

When consumers have a positive experience with a company's customer service, they are more likely to recommend that company at the first available opportunity. These word-of-mouth referrals or sales increase revenue without you needing to spend additional money on marketing.

4. Great customer service creates a culture worth sticking around for

I would be hard-pressed to find a company with great customer service that lacked a healthy company culture. In essence, the two go hand in hand: Great people who provide exceptional customer service also tend to be helpful, valuable co-workers.

When a company has a great culture behind the service it offers, employees are happier, more enthusiastic and less likely to leave their positions.

5. Fewer headaches, more progress

If saving money, making even more money and improving the culture of your company don't offer enough reasons to change your mind, consider this: Great customer service equals less stress. Poor customer service creates endless public relations headaches for business owners and execs trying to clean up the brand image after a negative complaint. For companies with branches and offices spread throughout the country, the continuous stress from resolving issues resulting from poor customer service can compound, leaving managers and employees disgruntled, burned out and looking for a change of pace.

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