Facebook Lead Ads: Facebook Debuts New Advertising

Business.com / Social Media / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

What does the future look like for in-feed advertising on social media platforms? Facebook Lead Ads is the answer.

A new addition to the ever popular marketing world of Facebook is a new idea called "Lead Ads".

Lead ads are an ideal marketing product that is highly beneficial to both the consumer and the business owner.

Providing quick, effective marketing information to businesses benefits companies greatly while offering consumers information only on services they want, while holding their privacy to the highest standard.

Let's take a look at some key elements of lead ads and how they work in both the consumer, and the businesses, best interest.

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Designed With Individuals in Mind

Lead ads are designed with consumers and business individuals in mind. If a consumer is browsing the Internet and decides they want to sign up for information from a business type, say a newsletter, offer, or price quote, they can select the business they are looking for when they see a companies Lead Ad.

Designed with ease of consumer use in mind, any information that the consumer has supplied to Facebook is automatically generated into the form making it easier and less time consuming to fill out. It also means that the consumer can fill out Lead Ads virtually anywhere from their smart phone, which is massively important in our mobile society.

Privacy is of the utmost concern for the majority of individuals these days, and rightfully so. Facebook has designed Lead Ads not only for consumer convenience, but also to maximize their right to privacy while enabling them to select custom advertisements from businesses they will actually use.

Any information shared with Facebook is automatically generated into the Lead Ad forum, but that doesn't mean it is instantly sent away. Consumers have the opportunity to edit any information being sent prior to submitting the Lead Ad, so nothing is sent that they don't want shared.

Privacy and Security 

Furthering the consumer's sense of security is strict Facebook privacy policies for Lead Ads.

When a consumer chooses to submit a form, the information they share goes strictly to the advertiser and no one else. In addition to this, advertisers are barred from sharing or selling any personal information that they may receive from the customer. This provides a sense of security from the customer, which encourages them to complete the ad form, providing a win-win for both consumers and businesses alike.

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Keeping the involved parent in mind, Facebook has also barred Lead Ads from being able to reach out to youth under the age of 18 years old. Also an excellent feature is the ease of use in setting up a Lead Ad. While Facebook gives a broken down, step-by-step tutorial on how to create one here, the basics are pretty simple.

The first step in the process is to choose your ad creative. After you complete this process the next in line is to set your target audience, which is the people you are wanting to reach out to. During this time you will also select the bidding type. Finally, you will customize your form fields. This means selecting what information you want pulled from the consumer such as age, phone number, email address, etc.

Again, this can all be personalized further by the consumer upon filling out the Lead Ad form. The future for Lead Ads is definitely looking exceptionally bright all around. Consumers are feeling comforted by their many customizable privacy options and businesses are loving the exposure that they have more control over.

Target Audiences

Businesses can now save time and money by only targeting their advertisements to the consumers that they think are most likely to respond to them. These critical elements combined, it appears that we will be seeing plenty more in-feed advertising in the future, as it has proven to be increasingly beneficial on both ends of the consumerism spectrum.

Overall, it appears that Facebook PPC advertising has come out with yet another ingenious marketing idea. Honing in on the modern day consumers desire for both custom tailored ads as well as a respect to privacy, Facebook delivers a comfortable way for consumers to receive only the ads that they want.

Businesses relish in this as they can choose what ads get out to what generation, group, etc. of consumers in order to maximize their exposure, profits, and increase their overall online presence.

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A key element, and an important one at that, is that Lead Ads take the connection between the consumer and the business to a whole new level. They do this by customization and privacy options, and also by boosting the speed at which the business and the consumers connects with each other, altogether ensuring that the gap between businesses and consumers is filled conveniently and quickly.

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