FedEx International Services Pricing and Costs

By Michelle Cramer, writer
Aug 19, 2010
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Compare available shipping methods with Federal Express international services

Business owners should consider using FedEx international service for their overseas shipping needs. Most of us are familiar with the television advertisements that portray a less stressful working environment because employees save time and money with FedEx. While every shipment is different, individuals who know how FedEx works and can make appropriate use of the services they offer will see effective cost savings.

Time is an important factor when deciding which Federal Express international shipping service to use. Once you determine your shipping deadline, then you need to compare FedEx international services pricing and costs and guaranteed delivery times to find the best fit for you. FedEx international shipping options include:

1. FedEx international service offers an option that delivers your overseas package the same day you ship it.

2. Less urgent packages can arrive in less than a week with priority options of the FedEx international mail service.

3. FedEx international freight also offers economy shipping for extra savings.

Send urgent packages with FedEx International Services Next Flight

FedEx International Next Flight sends your package out on the next flight available. Of course, this option is only available to those with shipments to major cities where FedEx flights land and only if there is a departing flight remaining that day. Weight doesn't change the rate of shipping costs as long as the package is less than 2,200 pounds.

Use Federal Express International Priority services

FedEx International Priority assures delivery of your package to more than 220 countries and territories within three business days. The rate of your priority package varies depending on the destination location and the weight of the package. Rates to Canada start at $29.50 for a one-pound package to $227 for a 50-pound package. In comparison, the highest rated delivery zone includes Afghanistan, and rates for shipment to that location start at $48 for a one-pound package and $507 for a 50-pound package.
Harvard University Office of the Controller, FedEx International Priority is the most cost effective.

Save money with FedEx International Economy shipping

FedEx International Economy assures delivery within five business days. FedEx determines the rates for this service based upon the weight of the package. The rates for smaller packages tend to be more expensive than the international priority service. However, as the weight of your shipment increases, it becomes much cheaper to ship packages through the international economy service than with priority.

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