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Working in the film industry sounds exciting, and it is! The film production business is an interesting mix of the creative and the ...

Working in the film industry sounds exciting, and it is! The film production business is an interesting mix of the creative and the technical. To know what's going on, your company needs a good grasp of the key terms in the cinema industry. You'll be able to "speak the language" when your business contacts film companies to promote its services.

No matter what part you hope to play in the film industry, you'll have to learn the names of equipment, directorial commands, personnel, wardrobe and makeup terms. Whether you plan to start your "education" in the field with film production companies or in the classroom, it's a good idea to study the vocabulary as you prepare for the adventure. To learn key terms for the film industry, do the following things

1. Use online sources to find film business glossaries.

2. Search movie industry encyclopedias and publications for important words.

3. Visit your community or college library to find film industry dictionaries.

Find online glossaries of movie industry terms

It's helpful to know the words used in the film business, even slang and lingo. If you company works on the equipment side of the film business, find out what mixer, boom and flood mean to the property folks. Knowing key terms will impress your contact people in the business, so take some time to study a dictionary for movie production terms.
Rosebud contains hundreds of terms and definitions. It is revised and updated frequently to reflect the latest terms being used in the business.

Study movie industry sources for key terms

So you want to be an actor? To do so you'll need to learn what the director means when he asks you to do your "aside." If you're working the camera, you'll need to respond correctly when directed to take the "three shot." Familiarize yourself with as many terms as your can to gain a better grasp of the whole cinema industry.

Collect books on terms used in the global film industry

Whether you go to the bookstore, order online or check a local library, a collection of books will serve your business well. Use them to learn the definitions of new terms team members encounter in various film industries.
Brown University Libraries. You'll get access to books, course notes and other sources of key terms for the film industry.
  • One of the best ways to learn film industry key terms related to the film industry is taking classes. Consider enrolling members of your team in courses focused on their specialties. It will provide them the opportunity for hands-on experience with the terms and what they mean.

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