Temp Hiring Up 8% But Are You Finding Top Talent?

Business.com / HR Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Hiring temporary workers can help your business fill gaps in staffing, complete special short-term projects, and save money on payroll...

According to a survey released by CareerBuilder, 35% of companies were predicted to hire temporary workers in 2012, an increase of 8% from three years ago. Hiring temporary workers can help your business fill gaps in staffing, complete special short-term projects, and save money on payroll and benefits.

Utilize the power of social media, networking, and skilled staffing agencies to find the right temporary employees for your business.

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1. Professional Staffing Firms

Also known as temp agencies or professional employer organizations, staffing firms recruit, hire, and manage the temporary employees that come to work for your business. The firm is responsible for handling the employee's payroll, benefits, and taxes -- all of which reduces the workload on your business's HR department.

  • The temporary staffing industry has grown and diversified over the past decade. Find an agency that specializes in your industry. They'll be familiar with your business's needs and can provide you with exactly the right candidate for a job.
  • Find reputable staffing agencies at Business.com.

2. Social Media: LinkedIn

You can hire a temporary worker to fill virtually any position in your office, up to and including positions that require specialized skills and experience. The Jobvite 2012 Social Recruiting Survey found that 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to recruit permanent and temporary employees not only through the site's traditional online job postings, but also through personal networking and candidate search. As a result, 89% of recruiters successfully hired via LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn enables you to view the profiles of potential candidates. Since LinkedIn is all about personal branding -- projecting a professional image of what kind of worker a person is -- viewing a candidate's profile can help you estimate whether they would be a good fit for your temporary position.

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3. Social Media: Other Sites

Although LinkedIn is the most popular and successful social media site for job recruitment, other social media platforms are gaining ground. According to an article in Time, "Recruiters are using Facebook groups, advertising and their corporate Facebook careers page in order to source candidates" for both temporary and permanent positions.

  • The key to successfully sourcing and hiring talent on social media is to keep your profile updated and populated with engaging content. When your profile is attractive to the best potential job candidates, they are more likely to follow you online and respond to your job posting.
  • Exploring a candidate's various social media profiles can give you a fuller picture of how well they would perform in a temporary position.

4. Reach Out to Business Contacts

As a result of the increase in businesses hiring temporary staff, more than 40% more people were working temporary jobs in 2012 than in 2009 (NBC News). More than likely, many of your business partners and contacts have hired temporary workers either directly or through a staffing firm.

  • Ask your business contacts which staffing firms and other sources they have used to successfully find temp workers, and which ones they have had bad luck with. Their experience can direct you towards the right agency for your business.
  • You can also ask your contacts to refer you to specific temporary employees or consultants, especially ones that come with a specialized skill set such as web design.

Whenever you are looking to recruit temporary workers, always be open and up-front about what the position entails -- including length of employment. Whether you use a staffing agency, social media network, or business reference, be clear about the job specifications to find the temporary workers for your business.

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