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When you’re setting up as a fine jeweler, the selection of a highly regarded fine jewelry distributor is imperative. The advent ...

When you’re setting up as a fine jeweler, the selection of a highly regarded fine jewelry distributor is imperative. The advent of the Internet makes finding a reputable fine jewelry supplier a breeze.

Wholesale fine jewelry distributors usually specialize in gold, silver, diamonds and other fine jewelry. When searching online for diamonds and fine jewelry, make certain that the company is legitimate. One way to determine if the fine jeweler is a credible wholesaler, is their willingness to sell in bulk. A trustworthy fine jeweler will ask the retailer for a tax identification number. Only consider a fine jewelry distributor with a sales pitch that sounds fair and equitable for both parties. Almost all fine jewelry merchants advertise authentic fine jewelry, however, read the fine print before making any final decisions.

When searching for a fine jewelry distributor, consider these factors:

1. Whether the fine jewelry supplier offers a 100% guarantee with easy return and refund policy.

2. Look for fine diamond jewelry that's certified.

3. Does the distributor offer you the option as an exclusive retailer for the diamonds and fine jewelry.

Choose diamonds and wholesale fine jewelry with a 100% guarantee

When shopping on the Internet, credibility is the primary concern. One way wholesale fine jewelry distributors ensure legitimacy is to give a 100% guarantee with an easy-return policy.

Confirm fine diamond jewelry is certified as conflict-free and for clarity

Ask about the diamond's clarity, whether you can order custom settings and if the diamonds have been assessed by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme that ensures the diamonds are not part of the blood diamond trade. If in doubt, just ask if the jeweler can certify the diamonds are conflict-free.

Agree to a contract as exclusive distributor of brand name fine jewelry

In building your business, set yourself apart with fine jewelry designers. Many manufacturers of fine wholesale jewelry seek out regional exclusive retailers. These wholesalers feature everything from fun and trendy fine jewelry to traditional bridal rings and other exquisite custom pieces.
  • Meet market demand with blood-free diamonds. We live in a time when green and conflict-free diamonds are in style.
  • Determine how can you market yourself as a unique boutique as an exclusive retailer.
  • Ask about the return policy for returns. Will it be a credit or cash refund?
  • Initially, order a small quantity and increase purchases as you become confidant the online fine jewelry wholesaler is reliable.

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