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Tapping the Right Brain: 5 Steps to Improving Creativity in Sales

Doug Dvorak
Doug Dvorak

Most companies I speak to say that they want their employees to be creative thinkers.

However, when it comes to finding success in business today, having a creative team is very important.

Finding prospects and transforming those prospects into clients for your business is not an easy task.

Developing and using your creative side in sales will open up new opportunities that your standard sales process may be missing.

Your efforts of stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new will be rewarded.

Learning to leverage your creativity to close more sales is not easy, but here are some steps you can take to improve your creativity in your sales efforts. 

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Step One: Think Outside the Box

Always start with a plan and start by thinking as far outside of the box as possible.

Even if your ideas seem completely unprofessional or not plausible, make sure that you write them down. From there, reign them in and adjust them to make them fit your needs.

Some of the most creative thinkers in the world, such as Steve Jobs and Charles Darwin were forced to think outside of the box and embraced this concept openly.

Chances are you will not become a Steve Jobs or Charles Darwin, but your mind holds the keys to new ideas and ways of doing things that nobody else’s mind does.

If you’re a sales manager, a great way to get creative and think outside of the box is to set up sales contests.

You can even create a contest that rewards the most creative sales presentation or prospecting method.

Try hiring a creativity keynote speaker or workshop presenter for some new ideas and to help the creative juices flow freely within your team.

Step Two: Create a New Presentation 

Even if you are presenting the exact same product or service; try using new packaging or a new way to present the information that you are looking to sell.

You might want to present part of the presentation using a movie that you can replay every time you present.

This can work great because you can send people copies of the movie via snail mail or email.

Rethinking and redesigning your presentation will sharpen your presentation skills while providing you with new knowledge about how to improve your sales process.

Step Three: Set Up Innovative Meetings

The place where you set up your meetings can really speak a lot about who you are as a sales pro.

Try some creative new meeting settings in the upcoming month. Set a walking meeting, people will be forced to think on their feet and you may develop a better connection with your prospect.

When your prospect makes the decision on who they will buy from or invest in, you want them to remember you.

Setting up a memorable meeting is a great way to make sure they won’t forget your encounter.

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Step Four: Adopt New Tools

Many times a great way to really stick out in the minds of prospects is to use new and innovative tools to communicate. Instead of calling like every other sales professional, consider video chat to show that you are creative, innovative and to help you leave a lasting impression.

Instead of emailing, send out personalized letters or postcards with a unique message that lets the client know you appreciate them and their business.

While you are getting creative with your current clients, this may provide a new source of revenue via additional work or referrals.

However, make sure your creative process is also working for you in your prospecting efforts.

Be sure to try new tools like LinkedIn Premium, Google Alerts, video messages and new email templates to reach out to new prospects.

LinkedIn Premium allows you to choose what your goal is when signing up, so be sure to choose the Sales Navigator when signing up. 

Step Five: Don’t Abandon the Basics 

It is very important to be able to think creatively in today’s sales market and to really look outside the box as a way to establish yourself in the industry and to find the success that you know you deserve.

With this in mind, you will want to make sure that you are not abandoning the basics and that you are not getting so creative that you forget about the fundamentals of sales success.

You still need to make sure that you are doing your homework and researching your target market otherwise your creative efforts may fall short.

Start slow, try to make sure that you are doing one of the above tasks on a weekly basis to begin.

Once you have mastered step one,  try using those thoughts to master step 2 or step 3.

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Starting slow will help ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and stressed about the new habits/changes in your sales process.

What you don’t want to do is implement all of the above for a week or two and go back to your old standard process.

You want to slowly integrate all of them into your selling and prospecting process so that you achieve long-term creative success.

Doug Dvorak
Doug Dvorak,
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