Flatbed Trucking Basics

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If you need to move large pieces of construction equipment or building supplies, chances are flatbed trucking is going to be the way to ...

If you need to move large pieces of construction equipment or building supplies, chances are flatbed trucking is going to be the way to go for you. If you've never used flat bed transportation, you'll find helpful to learn about flatbed loads, types of flatbed trailers available, and even what flat bed trucking companies might discuss when it is time to use their services.

Flatbed hauling is generally utilized when the equipment or supplies being shipped are too large for conventional trucks, or when open sides are needed for easy loading and unloading. Following are some flatbed trucking basics to help you further understand how and why flatbed transportation is used and why you might need to consider flat bed services:

  1. View the types of flat bed trucks used to handle any type of load.
  2. Find out what equipment and supplies can be hauled on flatbed carriers.
  3. See what is used to secure and protect whatever is being shipped on flat bed trucks.

Know the difference between step deck and dropdeck flat bed trucks

From step decks to lowboys, flatbed trucks come in a variety of styles. Depending on what you're shipping, you may need more than one type of flat bed truck. For instance, a regular or stretch flatbed might be best for long pipes or steel beams, while dropdecks or step decks may be the way to go for construction vehicles.

Haul everything from bricks to windows on flatbed carriers

Whether you're moving large steel beams for buildings or bridges, or cranes or backhoes to a construction site, the flatbed trucking industry is where you'll turn. Even unusual freight such as large containers, helicopters and even sections of prefabricated houses can be hauled on flat bed trucks.

Rest easy knowing your shipment is safe and secure while being transported on flatbed trucks

Transporting by flat bed trucks is a safe and secure way to get your large equipment or construction supplies from point A to point B. Your precious cargo will be secured with steel chains, strong nylon straps or high-strength rubber bungee straps. When possible or needed, whatever you're transporting on flat bed trucks can be covered using vinyl or steel tarps.

Learn how to communicate with flatbed trucking companies

There's more to flatbed trucking than simply dropping your goods on a trailer and sending it off to your destination. You'll need to consider insurance, freight size, full or partial loads and other terms before using flat bed services.
  • Consider using a project cargo manager to help you coordinate the logistics of your flatbed trucking shipment.

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