Flower Growers Education and Training

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As a flower grower and flower seed company employer, you want to properly train your employees and customers on cultivating the right ...

As a flower grower and flower seed company employer, you want to properly train your employees and customers on cultivating the right flower seeds and plants. Anyone with an interest in growing flowers can learn through hands-on instruction, workshops or manuals and publications that concentrate on the business of growing flowers. When looking into flower growers education and training, consider some of the key aspects involved, such as flower types or varietals, where to go for quality flower seed packets and planting equipment, the best times to plant flower seeds and bulbs and soil location for adequate flower production.

A college degree in horticulture isn’t necessary for learning to plant flower seeds, but it may help for training purposes. Students enrolled in these programs usually gain hands-on experience through field studies, research and laboratory work. Such programs also provide plant-related scientific and technical information for you to share with other flower growers. Some ways to get tips on planting flower seeds and growing flowers include:

1. Researching online tutorials, such as from flower seed suppliers.

2. Signing up for college courses to acquire a general knowledge of horticulture.

3. Checking flower growers association websites for information on flower growers training and education.

Get tips from flower seed suppliers or other online tutorials related to flower production

Some companies such as flower seed suppliers or wholesale flower farms offer instructions and tips on how to choose and plant seeds or bulbs.

Look to horticulture classes at local colleges or universities

Consider certificate or degree programs in horticulture to enhance the training experience.
Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture offer programs in floral growth and design, greenhouse management and pest control. The University of Connecticut is another example of a school that offers cooperative extension courses and information related to plant science, soil testing and landscape architecture.

Flower growers associations usually provide resources for education and training

Search for floral or gardening-related organizations that offer conferences, workshops and guides.
  • Flower growers education and training can also cover topics such as the benefits of plants, water conservation and industry sales trends.

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