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Let's face it--flying can be a hassle at times for anyone. And if you're a business traveler who must go out of town a lot, it ...

Let's face it--flying can be a hassle at times for anyone. And if you're a business traveler who must go out of town a lot, it can also get tiring and monotonous, especially with fighting airport traffic, standing in long lines in the airport and sitting on claustrophobic planes for hours parked on tarmacs. Companies that frequently send employees out of town can save time and even money by flying charter airlines.

What you need to know:

1) Chartering a plane is easier and can be less expensive than one might think. Rates are reasonable considering the service and convenience offered, and with the amount of time and energy saved, companies come out ahead financially in the long run.

2) Chartered planes have more options for departure and arrival with access to 3,000 plus alternative airport locations.

3) Chartered flying is less stressful for everyone. You usually know who's on board, and the luxurious amenities and environment promote relaxation and productivity. People can take advantage of the space and time to discuss business projects and planning while airborne.

Charter a Plane

Contact aviation charter companies directly to reserve a plane or make reservations through a charter plane network that contacts air charter services for you.

Travel With Charter Airlines for Convenience

Not only is flying airline charters less stressful than flying commercial, but also chartered planes are typically smaller and are private, and airline charters can land at just about any airport. Many of the smaller airports are more conveniently located and have more accessible parking with point to point air-to-ground transportation. Luggage can be taken from your vehicle directly to your plane.

Get Your own Private Pilot and Plane

Find private pilots willing to charter to small groups. In fact, a few remote locations are only accessible by sky ferry or a private air taxi, and as more people are doing business via the Internet, your company may find it necessary to travel to business destinations off the beaten path. Some businesses opt to even buy their own planes and hire commercial rated private pilots to fly them or allow their own licensed employees to fly the planes. Leasing planes is more of an option for businesses today as well. Never miss an important meeting again due to commercial airline delays.
  • Check with flying clubs also to find out about hiring commercial pilots to fly your company plane if you're not ready to let your own executives pilot your jet.

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