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Fondue pots for sale abound, both on the Internet and in many stores. If you've ever glanced at the website or storefront of a ...

Fondue pots for sale abound, both on the Internet and in many stores. If you've ever glanced at the website or storefront of a fondue pot supplier, you've probably been overwhelmed by all the choices. Whether you own a restaurant or just want a nice fondue set for your home, rest assured that there is some rhyme and reason when it comes to choosing a fondue pot or fondue supplies.

One simple way to choose a fondue pot is to base your choice on what you are going to cook most often. Unless you are opening a fondue restaurant, it is best to use a specialty pot for each different type of food, if possible. The following types of fondue pots are popular:

1. Glazed ceramic pot;

2. Unglazed ceramic pot;

3. Cast iron fondue pot;

4. Stainless steel pot.

Use an unglazed ceramic fondue pot to cook cheese

If you plan to mainly cook cheese, it is best to use an unglazed ceramic pot that allows the many flavors to soak into the ceramic over time. This flavor of different cheeses that gradually builds up in the pot is so crucial to the flavor that the pot should not be washed with soap or any other chemicals, but simply rinsed with hot water.

Create fondue desserts using glazed ceramic fondue pots and supplies

The best pot for chocolate fondue is a glazed ceramic pot, and the desired way to cook it is to use a candle or butane heat source. A fondue pot selected specifically for chocolate should be smaller than a pot made for cheese or meat fondue, as a large pot will take much longer to heat up than is needed.

Cook meat in a stainless steel fondue set or cast iron fondue pot

Most restaurant fondue pots are made of either cast iron or stainless steel because they allow you to cook meat thoroughly without burning it. In fact, most commercial fondue pots are made of either metal. This allows restaurants to cook a variety of fondue without the expense of buying a specialty pot for each type of food, although doing so is still recommended when possible.
  • Be sure to know what type of heat source is needed for your fondue pot. Candles usually work fine for cheese and chocolate, but will not work for cooking meat. It is best to purchase extra fuel when you buy your set, just in case it later becomes hard to find.

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