Food and Beverage B2B

By Missy Duncan, writer
Nov 15, 2010
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Find restaurant business trading using B2B exchange

Food and beverage B2B trading is growing at a dramatic rate. B2B, or business-to-business, is a $14 trillion dollar a year industry. Restaurant B2B exchange allows members of the food and beverage industry to buy, sell and trade with each other. Finding restaurant B2B auctions and trade sites can be time consuming. Finding out which B2B sites are best for your company will save you hours of tedious searching.

In the busy world of B2B exchange there are three ways to find B2B partners. The first way is online B2B auctions, those auctions set up specifically to cater to businesses. Another option is to use exchange sites where businesses place offers for other businesses. The last option is online directories that give you lists of businesses that sell or buy B2B.

1. Get a list of items that you need or want to sell such as food, supplies or equipment.

2. Choose between setting your own price or searching for the best deal.

3. Find a B2B exchange that is right for your company.

Find a restaurant B2B auction

Restaurant B2B online auctions let you set exactly how much you are willing to pay for the product or service. A food B2B auction is where your restaurant can select and set prices on what you wish to pay.

Search for or place online food and beverage industry offers

A food B2B marketplace is an online site that allows you to view and place offers for restaurant related products. These websites allow you to see a variety of offers to buy and sell all kinds of food and beverage items.

Use food business trading indexes and directories to find companies with which to do business

Indexes and directories for restaurant B2B exchange can link you with other companies that may be able to buy, sell or trade with your company. These companies are listed by product or service they provide.
  • Always research any restaurant business trading company with which you do business. Make sure they have a good reputation.
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