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When your food processing operation can no longer efficiently apply coatings by hand, you have no choice but to start buying food ...

When your food processing operation can no longer efficiently apply coatings by hand, you have no choice but to start buying food coating equipment. This specialized equipment applies steady, uniform coatings to fish, chicken, meats, vegetables, baked goods, confections and snack foods. All food coating equipment is specially designed so that it fits neatly into your overall main production line.

Almost all commercially made food products sold today by retailers and food service operations have some kind of applied coating designed to boost quality and produce eye-catching appeal. Cakes and pastries need glazes, cookies need oven-browned surfaces, candies must have crunchy chocolate coatings. Even frozen foods, like fish and onion rings, depend on batters and breading so that they emerge from the oven and deep fryer with golden brown coatings that food coating machinery applies. Start your search for food coating machinery with the following handy tips:

1. Apply sugar in uniform amounts to confections and cereals with food coating spray equipment.

2. Find innovative food coating products to create the most appealing surfaces for any food.

3. Decide whether and what kind of industrial size food coating machinery best suits your operation.

Apply certain coatings with food coating spray equipment

If you manufacture cereals or snack foods that require even applications of sugars, honey or syrups, there's no more efficient way to get the job done than to use food coating spray equipment.

Get food coating products from experienced manufacturers

All food processors strive to create foods that will have an evenly browned coating after deep-frying or baking.

Invest in food coating machinery for your large-scale operation

High producing food processors cannot get by without automated industrial sized machines that apply a uniform, continuous coating to thousands of units in just a few minutes.

  • Many food coating machinery manufacturers offer training classes in the professional techniques for safe food coating. It's wise to encourage any employees who will monitor food coating machinery to take these classes.

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