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Food and beverage businesses can greatly benefit from industrial food mixers. Not only do commercial mixers save businesses time and ...

Food and beverage businesses can greatly benefit from industrial food mixers. Not only do commercial mixers save businesses time and money in payroll, but they also help speed up production, increasing overall profits. Food processing mixers and blenders are ideal for bakeries, restaurants, confectionery shops and grocery stores.

An industrial food mixer is essential for making large quantities of foods or beverages. They can produce large amounts of food in a fraction of the time of smaller mixers. Food mixing machines include ribbon blenders, vertical blenders, table-top mixers and free standing mixers. Industrial foods mixers are used to make a variety of products including:

1. Baked goods, such as bread dough, cakes, cheesecakes and cookies

2. Confectionery goods, such as chocolate and candy

3. Condiments, such as ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise

4. Soups and salsas

5. Dry ingredients such as coffee, tea, cake mixes and snack foods

Choose the right size blenders and mixers for your business

Restaurants will need a vastly different type of food mixer than a commercial bakery. A restaurant that is making its own salad dressings and desserts may be able to get away with a simple counter top industrial food mixer that takes up little space. Restaurants that want to make their own bread may require more space for a larger industrial food mixer.

Know which type of commercial mixers are best for your business

A company that makes its living by selling massive amounts of baked goods or other large quantities of food will need several food processing mixers and blenders to get the job done. Ribbon blenders are ideal for mixing dry mixes and seafood, while a paddle mixer is ideal for meats and vegetables.

Compare prices and save money on commercial food mixers

There are many vendors who carry industrial food mixers. Shop around to find the best bargains. Also consider used food industry mixers, which typically have a long life span. Keep in mind that used mixers and blenders don't usually come with a warranty. Also check out Jeans Restaurant Supply for deals on new and gently used mixers and blenders.
  • Commercial food mixers can take up a lot of room and make a lot of noise, so plan to use it in a place that won't bother customers.

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