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Food storage and packaging strategies are a key element of restaurant and food service safety, and food storage box manufacturers play ...

Food storage and packaging strategies are a key element of restaurant and food service safety, and food storage box manufacturers play an important role in keeping food service safe and healthy. If you're operating a food service business, you know that the correct storage of hot and cold foods is essential.

Food storage box suppliers offer a range of food storage products, including separate boxes for hot and cold foods, different types of snap-tight covers, large ingredient storage boxes and rolling boxes for easy transport of stored food. If you're looking to buy a food storage box, shopping around online will help you ensure your food products are stored as safely and conveniently as possible.

When searching for food storage box distributors, investigate the following options:

1. Check out basic bins from food storage box makers;

2. Get specialized bins for unique food storage needs;

3. Browse storage options for hot and cold food products.

Shop for basic food storage boxes for large scale dry storage

The most common container produced by food storage box manufacturers is a basic covered box in half gallon or gallon size increments. Basic storage boxes come with snap-tight lids, and lids can be purchased separately if you need special opening or pouring functions. Basic bins also are stackable for easy storage on shelves or in refrigeration.

Find functional food storage boxes for specific foods or storage purposes

Food storage box makers also offer some interesting storage products beyond the basics for food storage. If you have smaller food items to store or need to access stored food easily, you may want to try specialized sets of storage boxes for ingredients or small scale storage.

Store your hot and cold foods in separate food storage boxes

If you're storing a lot of hot and cold foods, rather than dry foods at room temperature, you'll be interested in the hot and cold storage options offered by food storage box distributors. Some containers are ideal for separate hot and cold storage and transport, while others make heating up cold foods simple and convenient.
  • Purchase food storage boxes in a range of sizes and in bulk when buying basic bins. Plan ahead if you'll be storing a lot of hot and cold foods so that you can decide if multipurpose hot-cold pans or separate hot and cold bins are the best choice for your needs.

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