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Food Testing Laboratories Pricing and Costs

ByEmily Lugg, writer
Nov 18, 2011
Image credit: Atstock Productions/Shutterstock
> Business Basics

Set a reasonable budget for food testing services

Food testing services are used to test products for everything from contaminants to the level of nutrients in order to put it on the label.

Food testing services are not something your consumer product company can go without so it is important to set the proper budget to cover all the necessary tests.

It is always a good idea to allocate extra money in your budget for unexpected food testing laboratories pricing and costs that are bound to arise.Food testing companies often charge per test so you can determine prior to testing how many tests you will need to have run.

Be sure to  include in your budget re-tests in the event that a contaminant is found or a nutrient is low. Consider the following food testing laboratories pricing and costs when setting your food testing labs budget:

  1. Food testing labs can test for microorganisms and other contaminants.
  2. Food testing companies can be hired to determine the nutritional content of your products.
  3. Consumer food testing labs can evaluate your products for taste and quality.

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Hire Food Testing Services to Test for Microbiology

There are many things that could contaminate food grade products. Food testing services charge per microbiological sample for each organism being tested. The price depends on how labor intensive the test is for each organism as it differs from contaminant to contaminant.

Microbiological Test Graph; Routine vs. Pathogen

Image via Food Safety Magazine

An average microbiological test at a food testing company, for one sample, is between $20 and $50. Most tests have a flat fee; however, there are some microbiological tests that may be priced based on the request such as identifying a bacteria or foreign substance.

Enlist Food Testing Laboratories to Evaluate the Nutritional Content of Your Products

Making claims on a nutritional label is a serious business. Consumers purchase products, often times, based on the special nutritional claims made by the company. In order to make nutritional claims the food item has to fall within a very specific range in order to make the claim.

Food Testing on a Bell Pepper


For example, an "excellent" source of calcium needs to have more calcium content than that of a product that claims to be a "good" source of calcium. Food analysis laboratories can test your products and determine exactly how much of a nutrient is included. These tests cost either in the $20 to $30 range to more than $100. This is due to the complexity of testing for nutrients.

Some are rather simple, such as protein or sodium measuring, while others, such as sugars or total fat, are much more difficult to test for which is reflected in the price.

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Have Food Testing Labs Evaluate the Taste of Your Food Products

During the product and development stage of a new product, the taste is crucial to evaluate. There are food testing companies that specialize in sensory evaluation of consumer products. The cost for these services can largely vary based on the request.

This type of testing is much more involved than typical laboratory testing, though, because it involves a panel of trained tasters in order to complete the testing. These services can range from $200 per hour up to several thousands of dollars for a comprehensive project.

Emily Lugg
Emily Lugg
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