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By J. Stoltzfus
Business.com / Business Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Industrial forklifts do the heavy lifting in most warehouse environments. Specifically, the forklift is the critical tool for raising ...

Industrial forklifts do the heavy lifting in most warehouse environments. Specifically, the forklift is the critical tool for raising products up to multiple tier levels. When you're looking for forklift suppliers, it's important to get quality purchases that will complement your existing operations. Business managers also need to think about power sources: some forklifts are battery operated while others run on propane or natural gas or other fuels.

Warehouse and shipping workers:

1. Use full-scale industrial forklifts to take palletized products and put them on metal racks in multiple tier levels.
2. Use forklift-type vehicles and truck mounted forklifts to carry products around a floor area.
3. Use a variety of forklift-type machines to get products on or off of transport vehicles.

Buy industrial forklifts new from vendors

Business owners can browse new forklift models for sale online, checking out detailed product specifications and reviews. Look at stats like horsepower, mechanical process, fuel source, and of course, price; contact the vendor to learn more.
Resource Nation.

Research reconditioned or used forklifts for sale

As with many products and vehicles in particular, forklifts are often refurbished or remanufactured at a "factory shop" and resold at bargain prices. Check out online offers of used or refurbished models to see if you can bring down your cost without compromising quality.

Consider "forklift type" vehicles

For smaller projects, you may be able to use vehicles like electric pallet jacks or skid steer loaders in place of a full-scale forklift. A skid steer with forklift attachments can be an efficient mover of palletized goods or even loose items if you're not planning on hefting materials beyond 2 or 3 feet high.

  • Try to get a warranty on forklift purchase. Your forklift isn't a small item, and you want to safeguard your investment if possible, especially on a used buy.
  • Keep safety first and foremost in forklift use. When you're buying, have a plan for how to train drivers on the forklift as soon as it hits the floor. Trained drivers are safe drivers: the perils of tilting in a forklift are critical things to teach, to minimize the risk of accidents on the floor.

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