4 French Tech Firms That Are Saving U.S. Entrepreneurs Time and Money

Business.com / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

France has been way ahead of the game when it comes to technology and innovation. Here are four companies who are saving us time and money.

There has been a lot of news about France in the past week.

When I personally think of France, I think of good food, good wine, a month-long bike race in summer, and the Eiffel Tower.  

What you probably don’t think about is a bustling startup scene serving American entrepreneurs. Yet along with freshly baked baguettes and pungent soft cheeses, France is increasingly a place where US businesses are finding solutions for some of their most common problems.  

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Whether it’s cutting through the noise of social media, developing new and exciting content for marketing campaigns, or empowering even the smallest of businesses to deploy global customer service in just a few clicks of a mouse, French startups are helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses while saving them both time and money.   Here are four French startups that are already finding success on this side of the Atlantic.

1. Mention

Oscar Wilde once wrote that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. These days, though, there is something worse: being talked about and not knowing who is talking, what they’re saying, and where the conversation is taking place. Entrepreneurs rely on media monitoring services to help them keep track of their brand and business, but these services can be costly.  

Enter Mention. The Paris-based startup offers media monitoring for businesses and tracks everything from Facebook posts to Reddit to YouTube uploads for keywords of your choosing. What’s more, with plans starting at only $29 per month, it’s an inexpensive alternative to traditional media monitoring agencies. Is it any wonder that they have already attracted more than 350,000 businesses including Microsoft, Spotify, and T-Mobile?  

2. DOZ

You’ve heard it said time and again by your marketing consultant: content marketing is king. But does your budget really stretch to hiring a full-time writer or content creator? And an SEO wizard to make sure the content attracts Google’s attention? What about a social media manager? Chances are that adding three more people to your business is going to bite deep into your marketing budget – but you also know that turning to online freelancing websites can be an ineffective alternative.  

If you want experienced marketers working for your business but without the hassles of an online freelancing portal or the costs of employing a new team member yourself, DOZ offers the perfect solution. This French startup not only offers a marketing management software package for businesses but also access to a curated, pre-vetted marketplace of marketers available for project work on-demand.  

3. Aircall

Scaling a business internationally has never been easier. In the age of the internet an entrepreneur can take an idea, build a website, and go global within days, or even hours. Customers don’t seem to mind who they are buying from, but they do prefer a local touch when it comes to customer service. For a business, this can get pricey, and fast. How do you provide local support to your customers when you’re still bootstrapping your business towards growth?  

Sign on with Aircall and you can grab a local phone number in 30 countries within minutes. All of your phone support can be managed through Aircall’s app, you can forward incoming calls to your team, to your computer, or to your cell phone. With monitoring and reporting functions built in, too, you’ll never miss a sale, an opportunity to engage with a customer, or give the impression that you are anything but a devoted local.  

4. TextMaster

Let’s get one thing straight: English is the global language of business. As such, US firms have a huge advantage selling their products, services, and ideas to the rest of the world. But there are times when English isn’t going to cut it: maybe a potential business partner doesn’t have the skills to keep up with your pitch, maybe your customers prefer materials in their local language, or maybe you need to wade through legalese that is actually all Greek to you.  

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This is when you call TextMaster. The Paris-based startup will translate anything in just about any language into one of thirty other languages. Legal documents and complex business partnership agreements are no problem, and their urgent translation service means you can have a perfect translation of almost anything in your hands within 24 hours. With a stable of customers now numbering more than 5000, TextMaster is serving entrepreneurs around the world who want to keep moving fast no matter where the business takes them.

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