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House framers play a critical part in home construction for they build the “skeleton” (walls, floors, and roof) of the home ...

House framers play a critical part in home construction for they build the “skeleton” (walls, floors, and roof) of the home that sets the groundwork for a quality finished product. A strong attention to detail is essential during the framing process because errors in measurement, misread blueprints or poor craftsmanship results in project delays. Not correcting errors may result in windows and doors not fitting according to plan.

For these reasons, skilled framing contractors possess skills in math, blueprint reading and knowledge of the operation of hand and power tools. One can attain a career as a framing contractor by:

1. Attending a trade school

2. Completing an apprenticeship

3. Completing courses in construction management

Attend a trade school to develop your framing contractors education and training experience

Trade schools provide hands on experience for those interested in a career as a framing contractor. Aside from learning house framing skills and techniques, trade schools can also provide instruction on the use of hand and power tools, blueprint reading, cost estimating and how to bid on framing jobs.
Triangle Tech, offer an Associate in Specialized Technology Degree for individuals completing their program.

Apply for an apprenticeship with participating residential framing contractors

Apprenticeships provide individuals interested in a career in the carpentry/construction field the opportunity to learn the necessary skills by working alongside experienced house framing contractors in the field while also obtaining education in the classroom. Advantages to serving as an apprentice include receiving an income during your training process and developing contacts that can lead to employment by house or roof framing contractors upon program completion.
Career Voyages and obtain information regarding apprenticeships in your area. The National Association of Women in Construction identifies apprenticeship programs offered by framer contractors specifically designated for women.

Get an industry-recognized certification in house framing

The National Center for Construction Education and Research offers courses and exams leading to an industry-recognized certificate in wall framing, roof framing and other carpentry skills.

Brush up on framing contractor's skills with the right books

Study at your own pace with how-to manuals for roof framing contractors.

Expand your knowledge for residential framing jobs by completing construction management courses

Construction managers act as a coordinator during the construction process. Some of their specific jobs include supervising the progress of workers adjusting the number of workers onsite as necessary, ensuring workers follow established safety regulations and practices, ordering materials and acting as a liaison between the company office and government inspectors.

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