Freelancer Working From Home? How To Stay Productive and What To Watch Out For / Work Life / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

The work from home lifestyle is not for everyone as many people quickly discover. Learn some ways to stay productive as a freelancer.

The marketing world is quite vast and it is easier than ever to find a freelance job online.

There are plenty of places to find work even if it is just taking over the social media accounts of a small business.

Working from home can be a difficult task for many different reasons. Some people cannot handle the distractions while others need a boss hovering over them to stay motivated. The work from home lifestyle is not for everyone as many people quickly discover.

The following are some things to watch out for as a work from home freelancer and ways to stay productive.

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How to Handle Distractions

There will be times that family or children can be a distraction. The time will come when a friend or family member will want to do something during the workday. Although this might be tempting it is important that a freelancer stress to people around them that their workday should be respected. The fact that someone works from home doesn’t mean that the person is just lounging around all day.

How To Handle This

  • Designate a room as an office, this should be a place children or a spouse cannot enter during certain hours.
  • Have an agenda of things to be done by certain times, this can allow a person to plan their day more efficiently.
  • Headphones are perfect for noisy places if work needs to get done.
  • Try working from somewhere new as this can spark productivity. The best part of working from home is that it gives the freedom of being able to work from anywhere in the world.

Where to Find Clients

Finding clients and jobs can be quite difficult as a freelancer. Having to be the sales person as well as the marketer can be challenging for many people. The days of having to look through the paper for a job are over, there are plenty of websites to visit to find jobs. Marketers who have quite a few clients might even hire a small team to manage the work and find jobs. If you aren’t great at sales and you have a great margin on your work, consider hiring a salesperson.

How to Find Clients  

  • Check out industry websites, for example Warrior Forum is a great place to find content production, internet marketers, and people involved in SEO.
  • Upwork is another option as it allows users to apply for certain jobs. Don’t get discouraged if being paid a small amount, getting good reviews can help double that number in the future.
  • LinkedIn gives marketers the chance to view jobs and reach out to companies who might need some help marketing.
  • Reach back out to friends in the industry as marketing companies are always looking to outsource some work.

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Watch Who You Give Information To

There will be plenty of people asking for private information come tax time for a freelancer. Clients that have never been spoken to on the phone or seen in person will need this. Sending out a social security number dozens of times can make anyone feel unsafe. Clients who are out of the country might not ask for any information but taxes still have to be filed for the money earned.

How to Monitor This

  • Have an identity theft protection checklist, this can save quite a lot of time.
  • Purchasing some kind of identity theft protection might be necessary. The sending of social security numbers via email can be dangerous especially if the sender’s or recipient’s email is hacked.
  • If not sure about giving the information out, ask the question on freelancer forums. Many people feel uncomfortable giving information out when they first begin freelancing. This discomfort subsides after working with a client for multiple years.
  • Contact someone regarding the request of this information, many times the accounting department will reach out. Confirm that the department needs this with the main point of contact.


Each client is going to have different requirements and deadlines. It can be extremely difficult to manage all of this without some sort of organizational system. With cloud computing communication between freelancers and companies has become as seamless as ever.

How to Stay Organized  

  • Create a Google Doc and share it with the client. The client can update deadlines and notes can be left instead of having to send an email about every detail.
  • Look for another freelancer who can work as a personal assistant. These can be found at extreme discounts internationally but make sure the assistant can communicate in English.
  • Jumping on weekly calls with clients can seem like a hassle but it is a great way to stay organized.
  • Create an automated system for reminders of deadlines. Online calendars can even help with this as far as meetings and calls go. These calendars can even be used to market if used correctly.

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The freelance marketing world is hard to master. Most people find it hard to cope with finding their own customers, completing the work, and running their own business. Many marketers have more than one job that they pick up as a contractor.

Try a few days of working on a weekend to see if the freelancer life is for you. Working from home offers a freedom that many people dream of but it is important that your work doesn’t suffer.

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