Friday Comic: Time-Wasting Behavioral Trends in the Office / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017's Comic makes light of some serious office productivity issues. Check out the top time-wasting activities that distract...

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According to a Harris Interactive survey, 29 percent of hiring managers say a major staffing challenge is finding productive employees (Tweet This!). And after taking a look at the hard facts listed below, we can understand their frustration. Check out our Friday Funny Comic which makes light of some alarming time management statistics.

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  • Employees can only focus for three to 15 minutes before being distracted, according to research studies; worse, the distraction typically lasts more than 20 minutes before the employee gets back to work, which means employees spend more time being distracted than actually working! Tweet This
  • Morse IT Services Group estimates distractions caused by social media sites cost business $2.25 billion a year! Tweet This
  • Nearly half of senior U.S. executives surveyed by OfficeTeam think employees would be more productive if meetings were banned one day a week. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates unnecessary meetings cost American businesses $37 billion in lost productivity annually. Tweet This
  • An OfficeTeam report says businesses lose on average $10,000 per employee every year due to office distractions. Tweet This
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