From Fun to Funds: Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Business

By ugh / Starting a Business / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

If you have a talent, make good use of it. How to make your hobbies your main source of income.

If you have a talent, make good use of it. Why just sit and impress others when you can use your hobbies to make money?

The world is changing, you don’t only need college degrees to get rich today. If you have talent, you can utilize it to make a successful career.

And the best part is that you can start online.Many hobbyists have become millionaires by using the same formula.

You can be the next one to join the rank. Read on to get some ideas:  

1. Be a Makeup Artist

If you are good at looking good, you can turn it into a full blown career. Keywords related to makeup, fashion and beauty are among the top five searched keywords on Google. A lot of makeup artists around the world are making a lot of money simply by uploading makeup tutorials online, sharing their opinion on a certain product and answering questions related to makeup and beauty. If you are able to get a fan following, you may even become an influencer and attract the attention of big brands.

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How to start:

  • Create Social Media Presence. Your target should mainly be Facebook and Instagram. See the hashtags that are related to your niche and start posting. Also, be as regular as you can be. Also, keep your profiles public.
  • Use Video Tutorials. Use YouTube to share video tutorials with your growing fan base. Since YouTube is now the biggest search engine, it is important to utilize it. However, make sure your videos are of high quality and edited properly.

2. Be a Personal Trainer

If you love working out, you can help others workout as well. The world is becoming health conscious and more and more people are interested in getting their desired physiques and living a healthy life. They’re searching everything from, how to get taller to how to get six pack abs. You can target such audience and start making moolah. You do not have to be a Jay Cutler or an Arnold Schwarzenegger to make it big.

Having a good physique, knowledge about diet and workout should be enough to get started.  Social media platforms can garner thousands of followers just by doing the correct hashtagging. Tags that many pro fitness models and trainers tag are #fitfam #cleaneating among others. Searching the most popular tags can help you get started but don't forget to use your own tags as well that are unique to you.

How to start:

  • Create Social Media Presence: Same as above.
  • Have Web Presence: Getting your own website can be beneficial. Since there are a number of fitness trainers, you need to be out there to be able to create a name. You can use your website to share your knowledge, success stories, testimonials, and even workout plans.

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3. Be a Painter

Painting is a hobby that can be very rewarding if you are good at it. There are art lovers everywhere looking for pieces that attract their attention. If you can do magic on the canvas, this can be a thriving career for you.

How to start:

  • Create Something Nice: There are a number of painters, to be able to do well in the business you have to come up with a unique idea. The key lies in having a theme. You can come up with abstract paintings, but if they have a message you will instantly find fans.
  • Use Online Marketplace: You can use any of the online marketplaces from eBay to Amazon to sell what you have created. Write a killer description, have neat photographs and put it up at a fair price to be able to strike gold.

4. Be a Writer

If you are a creative person, you can use your creativity to create compelling characters and striking stories. Novels still sell like hot cakes. And if you’re lucky, you might come up with something that the Hollywood producers would like to turn into a movie. Fifty Shades, anyone? Writing is something that many people develop over the years so even if a first draft isn't great, giving up isn't an option. 

How to start:

  • Join a Freelance Platform: Look for work on freelance platforms like UpWork and Freelancer. There are projects ranging from researched content to fictional writing. Pick what interests you. This can be a great way to practice your writing and create a unique style. Getting paid to practice is never a bad thing.
  • Sell What You Have: If you have already created a masterpiece you can self-publish it or upload it on apps like WattPad to have a following. Once you’ve carved a niche, you can start selling what you have.  

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If you have any of the following skills, stop doing it for free. Go online today and start working on your dream to be a success. Technology has made it easier than ever to get paid for doing something you enjoy, so take advantage of this.

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