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The powers of online reviews are not known by all business owners as they should be. Getting reviews can be difficult, but here are tips!

The powers of online reviews are not known by all business owners as they should be.

Something as simple as having a poor Yelp review or Facebook review can impact customers when they are deciding which business or restaurant that they should choose.

Claiming these pages is obviously the first step but getting reviews can be difficult, the following are ways to ensure good reviews and how to get customers to review a business in the first place.

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Do a Soft Launch With In-House Reviews

If you are just starting a business or have rebranded, it is important to have the feedback of others. Restaurants do a soft launch to see what people think of their menu, service, and food among the energy of the restaurant itself and even its lighting.

The feedback of these people can help get a business off on the right foot as far as online reviews go.

If your business is already established it is important to monitor the reviews and make modifications about the parts of service that come up consistently in the reviews.

Letting People Know That Neutral Reviews Can Hurt

There are plenty of online businesses and even home-based businesses that know that neutral reviews can hurt.

Most people think that neutral reviews cannot be harmless but in the eyes of Amazon sellers it can be quite damaging.

Reviews on Amazon can be looked at as a business card that shows a potential buyer that they will not only get the product they want but they will get it in a timely and hassle-free manner.

The same go for those who just give three out of five stars without giving any reason.

There are some industries where as long as the job is straightforward and fast but a person still gives an average rating as if something like an oil change was supposed to blow their minds.

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Incentivizing Reviews

It wouldn’t be wise to bribe customers into giving positive reviews it is wise to incentivize a person to give a regular review.

If confident with the service or product that a business provides, the more positive reviews the more clout a company has with review readers.

This can also be a great place to find out what a business needs to improve on as many reviews are more than brutally honest.

Something as simple as a five percent off coupon with proof of an online review can be just enough to have a customer’s honest opinion of the experience that they had with a business.

Responding To Poor Reviews

People are more likely to edit a review or update the score of a review if they have been made whole when they feel like they have been slighted.

Something as simple as a response letting them know that it will be dealt with can help alleviate some of the frustration toward a certain company after an unpleasant experience.

Not responding to any of these reviews can actually cripple a business.

The lack of care about customers will be seen when someone is looking up whether they should be a patron at an establishment or purchase a service from a company.

These reviews matter whether they are on Facebook, Yelp, or even Twitter as social media is the first line of defense for customer service agents as they can diffuse a situation by calming a person down.

People are more likely to turn to social media rather than complaining by phone so this can be met before a call center agent has to deal with an even more irate customer since they were ignored on social media.

It is important to not push customers too much into reviewing a business as it could leave them with a poor feeling about being pushed to review.

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Being proactive about getting reviews and responding to them will only build a customer base as well as build customer loyalty/retain upset customers.

If a business is proactive and what they provide to customers is of high quality, the rest will take care of itself.

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