Gift Certificates for Small Businesses / Financial Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Many small businesses, particularly those that offer a service or specialty products, can benefit by having business gift certificates ...

Many small businesses, particularly those that offer a service or specialty products, can benefit by having business gift certificates available to customers. Whether you choose paper or business gift cards, your customers will be able to give your services as gifts to their family members and friends. Gift certificates for business make good sense for a number of reasons.

  1. You can gain new customers who are given custom gift certificates to your business.
  2. Corporate gift certificates make great birthday and holiday presents.
  3. Custom gift certificates allow recipients to choose the gift or service that they’d like.
Business gift cards and certificates are easy to use. In addition, depending on your business, people will assume that gift certificates are available. Restaurants, spas, specialty retail stores and other service locations can increase their business exposure and potentially customers by providing gift certificates and making it easy to buy and use them.

Choose between gift cards and paper gift certificates for business

Each option has pros and cons and which one is right for you will depend on your business and how you will use the business gift cards and certificates.

Decide whether to order gift certificates online or use blank gift certificates

Your corporate gift certificates will look more professional if your business information is already printed on the gift certificate and it's printed on quality paper. The appearance of the gift certificate will reflect back on your business so do it right.

Keep track of custom gift certificates

You'll need some way of record keeping for your business gift certificates. Depending on the method you choose to create your certificates with, you can use carbon copies, record tabs or online tracking.

Sell online gift certificates

More people are shopping online today than every before. By offering gift certificate sales online, you can reach more of your existing and potential customers.
  • Make sure that you know the laws of your state in regards to gift cards and gift certificates for business. Some states have recently changed their laws, creating minimum expiration time frames and accountability for unused cards.

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