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If you want to add gloves to your retail business, then your type of business will determine the specific types of gloves you choose to ...

If you want to add gloves to your retail business, then your type of business will determine the specific types of gloves you choose to sell. For instance, if you own a pharmacy, you would be more interested in selling latex gloves than baseball gloves. The opposite would be true if you owned a sporting goods store.

Regardless of the types of gloves you plan to sell, you first need to buy the gloves. Of course you want to make a profit from these sales, so your goal should be to buy large quantities of gloves at the lowest possible cost. The best way to do that is purchasing directly from glove manufacturers and glove wholesalers.

As you explore the websites of different glove distributors listed below, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Compare prices and get the most glove for your money. Don't just check the unit price; check shipping costs as well.
  2. Buy a large amount of products that will appeal to a large number of people, but buy small amounts of specialty gloves that might only appeal to a few individuals.
  3. Buy gloves that you will be able to market at your store; avoid items that differ from your target market substantially.

When it comes to baseball gloves offer your customers a large selection to choose from

You may think that there is not much variety in baseball gloves but there are actually quite a few different items to consider. Whether you are looking to sell baseball gloves, catcher's mitts, and/or batting gloves, you need to have a variety of products that will appeal to everyone.

Buy work gloves in bulk, including latex gloves and nitrile gloves

If you plan to sell work gloves, then you need to buy your product in bulk. The best way to do this is through a glove wholesaler.

Consider a variety of leather gloves, including leather gloves for work and leather flying gloves

Leather gloves can be a fashion statement or required for your job. Consider all the possible uses for leather gloves when researching your selection.
  • When buying cases of gloves, make sure to buy a variety of sizes. If glove wholesalers require a certain number of boxes to be sold for a discount, check to see if you can order different sizes.
  • Make sure the glove distributors offer refunds or exchanges if products are damaged.
  • Consider buying directly from the source and go right to the glove makers to find out about products and pricing.

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