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Government to consumer markets provide numerous opportunities for consumers, both private and commercial, to take advantage of the many ...

Government to consumer markets provide numerous opportunities for consumers, both private and commercial, to take advantage of the many government offerings available. G2C business involves everything from grants and loans to copies of property transactions and credit reports. Government contracts can be very lucrative and constitute a huge market for government to consumer businesses.

Consumer to government markets are built by consumers looking for safe investments through bonds and other safe investment vehicles. In the government to consumer marketplace, consumers are protected by regulations and agencies that keep watch on the public safety. Finally, G2C e-commerce is becoming more popular for citizens to purchase postage, registrations and permits via G2C websites.

1. Look for startup funding through the government to consumer marketplace

2. Land contracts through government to consumer e-commerce

3. Put your money in a safe consumer to government vehicle

Apply for grants in the government to consumer business

There are millions of dollars available in government to consumer markets that are never awarded. Businesses don't want to bother with the paperwork that is inherent in any G2C business transaction, or they just don't know about the grant possibilities and where they might fit. There are consultants and agencies that can help you maneuver through the government to consumer marketplace.

Utilize G2C e-commerce sites to make government contacts

Getting a government contract, whether it's for developing a new office plaza or providing food in federal cafeterias, is a real coup for any company. Learn to navigate through the federal and regional G2C markets that are available online.
Fed Biz Opps is the U.S government’s virtual government to consumer marketplace. No registration is required to access the commercial opportunities.

Buy bonds in the consumer to government market

Government bonds have always been a safe investment that should be included in a well rounded portfolio. When the markets are most volatile, you usually can find solid returns in government to consumer sales of federal and municipal bonds. Find a broker or buy bonds directly online.
Treasury Direct, you can participate in government to consumer e-commerce at any level. Find information here about bond auctions as well as information on state securities. Zions Direct offers bond sales for more than 25,000 bond producers. They also sell other investment vehicles.
  • While paperwork for G2C contracts is indeed weighty, the benefits may outweigh the burden imposed by the government bureaucracy. Hire a grant writer or other freelancer to deal with the paperwork if you aren't up to it.

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