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Government-to-Consumer Markets

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks
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Updated Apr 21, 2020

Tap into government-to-consumer markets to take advantage of the offerings.

  • E-government platforms have a huge significance in the growth of the digital age and the global economy.
  • The relationship between underdeveloped and developed countries is interdependent due to the natural resources available in each country.
  • The government, through its e-platforms, seeks to balance in the consumer markets, allowing consumers to have easier access to resources. According to a publication by Webber 2006, polarization between e-governments and society is due to conflicting financial and societal goals.
  • The collaboration of citizens with the government is dependent on its ability to include most of the stakeholders in its decision-making process.

What is G2C?

These are the electronic commerce activities, such as paying taxes, land and vehicle registration, providing information to the public among others, performed between the government and its citizens or consumers. Though these platforms, the government avails essential services to its citizens efficiently. Information that should be in the public domain is conveyed with minimal cost through these platforms.

G2C also refers to the interactions between the government and its consumers in offering support either through responses to consumer concerns or government services and products. Such services include land searches, confirmation of genuine licenses and vehicle ownership searches. Disputes such as nonpayment of tax or tax refunds are resolved through online support on the government platforms.

How to tap into G2C markets

Government-to-consumer (G2C) markets provide numerous opportunities for consumers, both private and commercial, to take advantage of the many government offerings available.

G2C business involves everything from grants and loans to copies of property transactions and credit reports. Government contracts can be very lucrative and constitute a huge market for government to consumer businesses.

G2C markets are built by consumers looking for safe investments through bonds and other safe investment vehicles. In the G2C marketplace, consumers are protected by regulations and agencies that keep watch on public safety. Finally, G2C e-commerce is becoming more popular for citizens to purchase postage, registrations and permits via G2C websites.

  1. Look for startup funding through the G2C marketplace
  2. Land contracts through G2C e-commerce
  3. Put your money in a safe G2C vehicle

Apply for grants in the government to consumer business.

There are millions of dollars available in G2C markets that are never awarded. Businesses don’t want to bother with the paperwork that is inherent in any G2C business transaction, or they just don’t know about the grant possibilities and where they might fit. Some consultants and agencies can help you maneuver through the G2C marketplace.

Utilize G2C e-commerce sites to make government contacts.

Getting a government contract, whether it’s for developing a new office plaza or providing food in federal cafeterias, is a real coup for any company. Learn to navigate through the federal and regional G2C markets that are available online. Fed Biz Opps is the U.S government’s virtual G2C marketplace. No registration is required to access commercial opportunities.

Participate in the federal decision-making process.

G2C e-commerce platforms allow citizens to take part in the decision-making process in government. Citizens are more informed on government policies, laws and regulations as well as the services offered by the government. The government uses the feedback given to its policies or invest in educating its citizens on areas of concern. Products that receive negative reviews can also be changed to those that consumers are comfortable with. Through e-commerce platforms, citizens can

  • Express freely their opinions on certain subjects mainly through an electronic referendum
  • Enhance consensus through policy deliberation
  • Strengthen the community spirit by encouraging participation of the less privileged and marginalized. People with disability and old people can have their views heard in policy-making or decision-making

According to Dimitrios K. Kardaras (Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece) and Eleutherios A. Papathanassiou (Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece), the government shift in offering most its activities online, e-participation becomes a key element in the government decision-making process.

Examples of G2C platforms

Text messaging

One of the major e-commerce platforms used by the government is text messaging. To reach a significant number of consumers, the government relays its information through bulk text messages. This information could be either to educate the public or market some of its new services and products.

Events webcasting

The government may relay actual events through webcasting. This allows a bigger audience to participate in the event without having to attend to it. When major bills are being passed in parliament, it is the responsibility of its citizens to make sure that views are well presented by their representatives in parliament.

Collection agencies

The government collects revenue from its citizens. Manually collecting taxes would be very expensive for the government and tedious for its citizens. To enhance this, the government makes its collections through major collections agencies.

Business phone systems

This is a platform that allows business owners to communicate with its employees and clients through voice messages, text or videos allowing ease of communication wherever you are. 

CCTV monitoring and review

Employee management has been made easier through the use of CCTV footage monitoring. Without having to be in the office, administrators can monitor their employee’s performance on their phones to ensure maximum productivity.


Development of e-government platforms, where local stakeholders can express their views and opinions, e-government will enhance the participation of its citizens and build collaboration with its people.

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