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How GPS Tracking Can Boost Your Business

Anthony Gaenzle
Updated Feb 02, 2022

With huge advances in technology, small and large businesses alike can benefit from incorporating GPS tracking into your operations.

There is no doubt that in today’s competitive economic landscape you have to leverage the right tools and resources in order to help your business.

Did you know that GPS tracking systems can do a lot more than merely get us from one point to another? It is no secret that companies and businesses looking to gain a competitive edge in the market are turning to GPS tracking in order to help lower costs while improving overall customer service.

You should know that modern GPS tracking devices leverage sophisticated and advanced technology that can offer you detailed and valuable insights into driver behavior, which makes them a valuable tool for any business or enterprise that relies heavily on a fleet of vehicles.

But it doesn’t stop there. GPS tracking offers tons of value to all types of businesses and can lead to a number of significant benefits, which we will explore throughout this article.

This is why GPS tracking has proven to be a crucial tool that helps companies get the critical data and visibility needed to enhance and streamline their operations and improve their bottom-line. Regardless of the industry that you operate in, almost all businesses can benefit considerably from tracking vehicle locations as well as driver behavior with a GPS tracking device.

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In this article, we will explain how adding GPS technology can boost your business by:

  • Decreasing fuel usage

  • Lowering insurance costs

  • Verifying working hours

  • Improving vehicle maintenance

  • Increasing productivity

Decreases fuel usage

There is no doubt that GPS tracking devices will help lower your business’s fuel costs. Keep in mind that you can lower fuel costs by up to 20% by identifying wasteful driving behaviors, like speeding, harsh braking, and idling.

It is worth noting that identifying these patterns and behaviors and eliminating wasteful behaviors will save your business up to 8 gallons of fuel a month in each vehicle with a tracking device. This can lead to considerable savings for your business and boost your business.

Note that a tracking system will compel your drivers to operate the vehicles more efficiently and responsibly. For example, they won’t go to places they are not allowed to go and will more likely drive the vehicles at reasonable speeds.

Besides alerting you to various wasteful behaviors, GPS trackers will also help you in determining ineffective routes. And this will enable you to coach drivers on safe and efficient driving habits.

Lowers insurance costs

Did you know that using a good GPS tracking system provides your business with access to considerably lower insurance premiums? It is worth noting that many insurers offer discounts to vehicle owners that install vehicle tracking systems, which is excellent.

Note that the discount on insurance premiums can pay for the costs you incurred when you installed the GPS tracking system in your vehicles. So, if you would like to lower the cost of operating your business, you should install a GPS tracking system in all of your vehicles to boost your business.

Did you know that businesses have reported cost savings of thousands of dollars per annum in insurance costs after implementing GPS technology in their vehicles?

Verify working hours

Note that by tracking your vehicles and trucks with a GPS device, you will know precisely the number of hours your drivers spend on the job and to track the actions of your employees. You will also know when each job is completed.

It is worth noting that with features such as geofences and landmarks, you will easily determine when a specific vehicle exits or enters an area like a job site.

This is important as it virtually eliminates the risk of overtime fraud by allowing you to accurately track work hours and then pay all your employees accordingly.

Helps find stolen vehicles

You may know that losing a vehicle to thieves can be very costly to your business. And this is because whenever you lose a vehicle, you will also lose the inventory that it was transporting.

There is no doubt that vehicles are valuable and important assets that aren’t always easy to replace. This is especially true for small businesses.

Also, note that you can lose your customers’ trust when the valuable goods and items that were being transported to your customers are lost on the way.

The good news is that if you can track the vehicle, you will be able to act quickly and also communicate with the law enforcement authorities in order to recover your stolen vehicles.

Monitor sales territories

If you utilize geofences for location monitoring, then you can easily set up regional territories for your employees. This will allow you to get instant notifications whenever an employee tries to venture outside an established zone.

Note that this feature is important in eliminating disputes and also encourages your sales team to focus more on its dedicated territory.

Improves vehicle maintenance

You can plug tracking devices into vehicle analytics in order to keep accurate and detailed records of vehicle usage. Note that this is important as it makes it easy and quick to follow all maintenance schedules.

It is worth noting that vehicle tracking gives you the ability to look at the various locations of a vehicle. This helps you verify whether the vehicle was taken to a service station for maintenance or not.

Emergency assistance

You never know when a difficult situation can arise when one of your trucks or vehicles breaks down or something more serious occurs. Did you know that GPS can lower response time by a considerable margin?

It identifies the precise location of your vehicle, whether the vehicle has broken down or can still move.

As a result, it has become much simpler and easier to track your broken down vehicles and dispatch help as soon as possible.

This also makes you feel more secure about all your vehicles. With a glance into your monitor, you can know the status of all of your vehicles.

Improves customer experience

Small businesses have to rely on loyal customers in order to survive. Note that there isn’t any better way to win your customers’ loyalty than excellent customer service.

There is no doubt that with the advent of the latest technology, customers now expect goods and items to be delivered to them with less turnaround time. By implementing a GPS system, you can achieve this goal. The faster your service, the happier your customers, the better it is for your company.

And that is not all; customers would like to know where the delivery is. This is where automated ETA notifications, as well as real-time driver location information, can keep them informed. 

Also, note that by knowing the current location of each vehicle, you can get to your customers promptly and answer their emergency calls as soon as possible.

Increases productivity

Whether you run a delivery, taxi, or courier service, note that GPS tracking helps eliminate time-consuming and tedious outdated procedures, like telephone calls and paperwork, hence increasing productivity in the process.

Also, by optimizing and streamlining routines, a GPS-enabled tracking system allows you to keep things under control. There is no doubt that real-time visibility from smart devices and geofence notifications can make it easier to operate your business almost 24/7.

Improves employee safety

You have to value the safety and security of your employees if you would like to run a responsible business. Through GPS tracking, you can significantly improve the safety of all your employees, which is convenient.

This is because a GPS tracking system enables you to locate your employees in the field whenever you lose communication. So, in case of any emergency, your employees can get the help they require in good time.

You should consider adding GPS tracking to your processes right now in order to get that much more out of your business. This will come in handy, especially during this pandemic when many businesses are facing tough challenges that GPS tracking can help overcome.

There is no real barrier to entry for adding GPS tracking to your business, either. Instead of having to incorporate the GPS hardware and work on the software, including your branding, you can simply use a GPS white-label platform to ensure that your business can track your products or people in an efficient and effective way.

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