Grand Opening Planning Key Terms / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Planning a grand opening for your business is a great way to introduce your new operations to the community and entice new customers. ...

Planning a grand opening for your business is a great way to introduce your new operations to the community and entice new customers. Before you start your planning, get a firm grasp on some key terms associated with grand opening planning. Grand opening events include many elements, such as budget planning and ribbon cutting with ceremonial scissors. It is also important to know how to get people to come to your grand opening through a grand opening press release, grand opening invitations and grand opening flags to draw a crowd.

Budget planning

Budget planning is a very important part of any event, and maybe more so with grand opening events, since a grand opening event is the first event you will spend money on as a new business. Budget planning involves a delicate balance aimed to get everything that is needed to produce an exceptional event for the allotted amount of money.

Ribbon cutting

A grand opening ceremony is not complete without a symbolic ribbon cutting. A ribbon cutting employs the use of a large, exaggerated ribbon with your company name or logo on it that you or your special guests cut to symbolize the opening of your business.

Ceremonial scissors

In order to complete your ribbon cutting moment, use ceremonial scissors. Ceremonial scissors are over sized scissors that are used to cut your grand opening ribbon. They can be printed with your company name and logo to show up in pictures, and they make great gifts for your special guest who help you cut your ribbon.

Press release

A grand opening press release is an important element of your grand opening planning. This free promotional tool is a short write up containing the most important information regarding your grand opening event that you give to the press so that they can promote the event through their outlets to get people to attend your grand opening event.


It is important to invite people to your grand opening by sending out grand opening invitations. Grand opening invitations or grand opening announcements let your potential guests know that you are open and want them to be the first people to view your new business.


Draw attention to your grand opening and maybe entice some local people to come with a grand opening flag. Grand opening flags are made to withstand all weather and can be seen from afar so that you can attract people to your location.

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