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Corporate greeting cards lend a personal touch to your business and also provide you with an unobtrusive way to put your name back in ...

Corporate greeting cards lend a personal touch to your business and also provide you with an unobtrusive way to put your name back in front of your customers. Sending cards during holidays, or remembering your customers' birthdays, gives you the opportunity to communicate with customers in a non-threatening atmosphere.

Discover the best holidays to work for your business. Remember at Christmas most people get many cards and yours may be lost in the shuffle. Send the customer a birthday greeting on their special day. Instead of sending a sales notice about your anniversary sale, send a greeting card and invite them in for the anniversary cake. Remember the following greeting cards basics:

1. Find one or more holidays to send custom greeting cards to your customers.

2. Wish your customer a happy birthday with designer greeting cards.

3. Announce your business anniversary and special days by printing greeting cards and sending them to your customers.

4. Create special cards with greeting card printing you make.

Pick the holidays to send your corporate greeting cards

Select one or more holidays to send greeting cards according to your business advertising budget. Since customers will probably buy during the Christmas holiday season, you may want to find lesser-known holidays to send your cards. Another strategy is to use holidays that fall during off-peak times to drum up business at that time by putting your name in front of your customers.

Send warmest regards to your customers on a personal day as part of greeting cards basics

Send a quick greeting card on your customer's birthday. Do not enclose any sales pitch but do offer some trinket to them for stopping by the store.

Share your business happy days by sending greeting card companies professional cards

Send your customers greetings when it is your business anniversary or to announce good news about your business. Mention that if the customer stops by they will get a small gift.

Show your customers they are special when you print greeting cards tailored for them

Create the card yourself instead of sending a manufactured generic greeting to your customers. Even if you are not computer savvy, greeting card printing is not out of your reach.
  • The small gift you offer your customers in their online greeting cards can be a key chain or pen with your company name on it.

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