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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2019

Chris Porteous
Chris Porteous

The competition is tough, but you can successfully grow your YouTube channel.

Growing your YouTube channel requires a lot of work if it's going to be a success. With tough competition out there (and it's growing on a constant basis), 2019 will prove to be even harder for those channels at the start of their YouTube journey. The problem is that you cannot do nothing and hope that people will come to you. If you try that, then you will fail miserably.

However, there are a number of things you can do that will help your YouTube channel to grow throughout 2019, and I'm going to cover several of them that will undoubtedly help you to gain more subscribers and views.

1. Know your channel's reason for existing.

First, your YouTube channel needs to have a reason for its mere existence. People must understand what your channel is all about from early on to then allow them to decide if they want to watch your videos.

If you fail to know your purpose for being there, then potential subscribers and viewers will have the same thoughts going through their mind. Be warned that it does take a few videos – and seeing the response – before you identify your purpose, but you will get to that point.

2. Optimize everything.

When you upload a new video, you must optimize everything. That means inserting keywords related to your video in both the title as well as the description. These are terms that people use when searching for whatever your video talks about, and you must strike those words for your channel to then grow.

Consider using combinations of your main keywords in your descriptions as this will further increase the chances of people finding your video in the first place. Also, do remember that YouTube is owned by Google, so you should also show up on the Google results pages.

3. Don't forget tags.

With YouTube, video tags play a key role in helping your channel and videos to be found. Failing to use the correct tags will lead to people being unable to find your channel and your growth will slow.

To make life easier, there are Google Chrome plugins that will help you discover the best keywords for each video on your channel. The plugins are for VidiQ and TubeBuddy and both have a free version. What they will do is provide you with help identifying the best keywords for your channel and video.

The reason why tags are important is due to the way that they are used for ranking and search purposes. Using the correct tags boosts visibility and your channel will grow simply by being more visible in the search.

4. Outsource aspects.

Growing your channel and getting a lot of YouTube views takes a lot of work and you don't have enough hours in the day to do it all. However, that means you need to be willing to take a leap of faith and consider outsourcing aspects.

For outsourcing, you should always take care until they understand what you are looking for in growing your channel. Also, only use experienced people or you will be making things tough for you.

5. Educate your viewers.

People love to learn new things, so having a channel where you educate your viewers is a good idea. Your aim should be to provide them with something of value. The how-to tutorial approach is very popular as it encourages people to watch most of the video and to keep returning to your channel.

You must also remember that people go to YouTube to either be entertained or further educated. It’s up to you as to which option you are, but if you educate, then make sure you know what you're doing.

Growing your YouTube channel will require constant work especially at the start. However, even though it may take some time to build up viewers, if you persevere then you will get somewhere. Accept it takes time and effort and you may find that you then have a far more pleasant experience.

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Chris Porteous
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