What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Call Center Software

Business.com / Business Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Call center software choices and the number of vendors selling solutions is complex. Our guide will simplify the shopping process for you.

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Call and contact centers have evolved dramatically in recent years. With changes in technology have come changes in the call center industry. 

Call centers no longer have to be in one fixed physical location. With modern systems, calls can be distributed to employees in different locations, resulting in virtual call centers.

Even with a fixed call center, different technology choices and the number of vendors selling solutions has increased exponentially in recent years. This has made selecting the right software systems tricky. 

The Business.com Guide to Call Center Software will:

  • Breakdown the various types of systems. 
  • Help you calculate the costs. 
  • Offer a comparison checklist to simplify the process. 
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