Roger, Do You Copy?

By Editorial Staff

There's no question your office needs a copier. Here's the rundown on what's what in the current copier world, and which features you need.

Even though our world is becoming increasingly paperless, the copier is a ubiquitous staple that's not going anywhere. That's not to say the changing of the times hasn't had an affect on the copier biz; sales are down, and copiers have changed functionality to allow for more paperless options, i.e. scan to email.

In 1938, Chester Carlson came up with a transfer process as a means to alleviating his arthritic pain caused by hand copying. In 2012, almost 80 years later, the copier industry is credited with $37 billion in sales.  Fun fact via TechJaws: it is said that over 20% of copiers worldwide have had a service call placed because someone has photocopied their rear.

In order to get you up to speed on the latest and greatest in the world of photocopying, we created the Guide to Copiers

The Guide to Copiers Highlights:

  • Features of copiers, like scanning, printing, copies, auto-feed, and more
  • The two types of copiers and their characteristics
  • Things to consider when choosing a vendor
  • How to accurately calculate costs

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