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Tired of looking ignorant because your CRM software isn't right? Read our guide and stop cold calling companies you already work with.

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Although Salesforce is the world's largest leader in CRM software, according to a report conducted by Gartner, there are plenty of others available to fit your company's needs. In 2014, CRM software revenues continue to be strong at around 23.9 billion with cloud revenues about half of that number. According to our study at, one of the largest pain points in growth businesses are the lack of, or poor performance of a lead nurturing system.

Gone are the days of the rolodexes, and spreadsheets no longer cut it. Welcome to social networks in the cloud and managing your customers without rows or columns. In this guide to CRM software, we walk you through what you should look for in a system including the basic and advanced features. Whether you are looking for a basic, intermediate, or advanced system, we give you an idea what to expect. 

In this guide, we'll walk you through:

  • Features to look for when evaluating a CRM software
  • Glossary of terms you'll need when negotiating a contract
  • What you should expect from a CRM software
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