Guide to Fleet Telematics Systems / Business Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

This whitepaper provides a comprehensive business guide to fleet telematics for tracking company vehicles and improving customer service.

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Dude, where’s your car(s)?Keeping tabs on your company’s fleet of vehicles is no longer a challenge thanks to major advancements in technology and the emergence of fleet telematics systems. These sophisticated programs not only keep you abreast of your vehicles’ whereabouts, but they can also monitor the driving habits of those entrusted with your four-wheeled investments.

Not only do most major cellular networks provide fleet telematic options, but you can also purchase vehicles that come with the systems pre-installed. In 2013, 2 million GM vehicles were sold with telematics systems, and that number keeps on growing. And it’s no wonder—fleet telematics systems can be credited with an impressive 15% increase in productivity per vehicle.

When exploring your options for fleet telematic systems, there are many things to consider depending on the needs of your company and your fleet. Our Guide to Fleet Telematics provides valuable information on the types of systems out there in addition to insight on the variety of features.

Download the guide now to learn:

• What is Fleet Telematics?
• What You Can Track with Fleet Telematics Systems
• How Telematics Systems Optimize Fleet Performance and Safety
• Fleet Telematics Hardware
• Fleet Telematics Software
• Tips for Evaluating Fleet Telematics Systems

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