Guide to Internet Security for Businesses / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

With internet security being a large and growing problem, this whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of how to protect your business.

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The holiday season never fails to bring it’s fair share of headaches, but for Target customers, 2013 was a year of unsurpassed worry. In December, Target revealed that the personal information of more than 70 million shoppers was in the hands of Russian hackers, due to a massive security breach that went down as the biggest hack in retail history. This cyber attack brought international attention to a growing issue; if one of America’s biggest retailers can get hacked, are all companies at risk?

Internet security has become a major concern for every business owner. Keeping the private information and assets of both your company and your customers safe is vital to the financial well-being of a business. With annual losses resulting from internet security breaches being estimated at around $1 trillion dollars, director of the National Security Administration Gen. Keith Alexander has said cyber attacks are causing for the “greatest transfer of wealth in history.”

So, how do you keep your business safe from a crippling hack? And where do all of these threats come from, exactly? Our Guide to Internet Security for Businesses provides valuable information as to how hackers gain access to your private data, and how to keep it safe.

Download the guide now to learn more about:

• Threats to Internet Security for Businesses
• Protecting Your Business from Internet Security Problems
• Considerations When Hiring Internet Security Firms
• Trends in Internet Security for Businesses

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