Guide to Masonry Services / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Masonry service has timeless appeal, going back thousands of years. Today, you can see the work of skilled masons in many areas of the ...

Masonry service has timeless appeal, going back thousands of years. Today, you can see the work of skilled masons in many areas of the country. While new building methods are always cropping up, the time-honored tradition of masonry still stands as one of the best choices in new construction today.

Masonry services can encompass a huge array of work, including brick, block, or stone laying. A mason can repair an aging chimney, apply stone facing to your office, or lay out a meandering brick sidewalk using old street pavers. Some can pour a concrete driveway or sidewalk, although a concrete contractor often provides this work.

If you're interested in hiring a contractor for masonry services, take the following steps.

1. Start looking for a mason long before you need him, particularly for new construction projects. Many masons will work a tight schedule during the spring, summer and fall and will want to know far in advance when a big project is coming up.

2. Get recommendations from your local builder's supply for contractors offering mason services in your area.

3. Compare written quotes from several masons. Find out whether each quote includes material and labor costs, or labor costs only.

Look for professional affiliations for mason services

The masonry industry still operates on the handshake principle of doing business with customers. However, membership in national building organizations can help ensure that the masonry contractor of your choice is up to speed on building methods and safety issues and will bring a professional approach to your job, including a contract sealing the deal.

Repair damaged areas with qualified masonry services

If you have damaged masonry that needs repair, it's important to get the problem fixed before it causes further damage to your structure. For masonry service and repair, contact a mason with proven experience and satisfied customers.

Choose qualified mason services for big jobs

If you are undertaking a large commercial project, you'll want to hire a larger masonry company with proven experience, as well as knowledge of commercial codes and safety requirements for a large job. While your lead contractor may do the hiring of the masonry company, make sure you approve of the choice by looking at previous work and talking to their previous customers.
  • Call the Better Business Bureau to check on a contractor offering masonry services. This simple step can save you headaches down the road.
  • Be sure to request a certificate of insurance from the mason showing adequate insurance coverage for the project.

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