Guide to Merchant Cash Advance Services / Funding / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

This whitepaper provides information for businesses looking into Merchant Cash Advances for financing, including the stipulations involved.

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As Liza Minnelli once sang, money makes the world go ‘round. Every business owner knows this to be true; without money in the bank, your world can stop dead in its tracks. Thanks to the emergence of merchant cash advances (or MCAs), merchants can receive a lump sum of money in tough times when other credit sources are not available. Since these life-saving loans are not without consequence, we created a Guide to Merchant Cash Advance Services to help you navigate your options.

In order to qualify for a MCA, your business must be a merchant (i.e. retail, restaurant, or service company) and process daily credit card transactions. Merchant cash advances are a good loan option for businesses that are considered high-risk, or have little to no credit. MCAs emerged at the start of the recession, and according to Forbes, “The Green Sheet estimates that the market for merchant cash advances is currently $500-$700 million.”

Before you take the leap and get a merchant cash advance, it’s critical that you do proper research and are aware of the various stipulations involved.

Download the Guide to Merchant Cash Advance Services e-book and learn:

  • What consists of Merchant Cash Advance
  • How to qualify for a MCA
  • Advantages & disadvantages of using MCAs
  • About MCA providers
  • Comparing MCA providers
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