Guide to Reinsurance Education and Training / Education / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Today's property and casualty insurance companies are sending their top agents to reinsurance training opportunities to learn about ...

Today's property and casualty insurance companies are sending their top agents to reinsurance training opportunities to learn about the industry's safety net. Reinsurance is the practice by which primary insurance companies sell some of the risk, particularly involving natural disasters on a catastrophic level. Reinsurance fees account for nearly $100 million of annual worldwide insurance premiums, and the constantly changing law surrounding the international components of the practice require continuing education, reinsurance training and certification of reinsurance specialists within the ranks of top insurance companies.

Many reinsurance training programs are included within more general insurance education programs, but some resources focus specifically on reinsurance issues in today's market:

1. Reinsurance educational seminars offered through professional organizations

2. A reinsurance training course with distance education options

3. A reinsurance class as part of a degree or certificate program

Attend a reinsurance seminar to address specific industry topics

Make it a point to attend reinsurance seminars hosted by industry leaders and professional organizations dedicated to continuing education and process improvement.

Complete a reinsurance course from home with online education options

Find a reinsurance certificate program online through national organizations and professional reinsurance educators. The best way to find a reputable, worthwhile professional program is to ask your insurance peers who've completed reinsurance education and training which programs they'd recommend.

Seek reinsurance education and training to earn a degree or professional certification

Take courses in reinsurance from accredited colleges and universities to earn specialty insurance licenses, certifications and even college degrees. Some colleges and universities with insurance education programs will sponsor reinsurance education seminars, so contact any institutions in your area for a speaker schedule, and make sure you'll be able to attend even if you're not enrolled in university courses.
Wisconsin School of Business Executive Education Program.
  • You'll find plenty of reinsurance training, education and certification options for math majors online, but if your degree is in a different field, don't worry. Reinsurance is a field that requires vast knowledge of legal issues, communication and negotiation skills, and general business operations. Remember that seasoned insurance professionals, especially, have the inside track on building a successful reinsurance specialty with the right education.

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