Just Pin It: Harnessing the Power of Pinterest for Your Business

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Pinterest is rolling its way ahead of other social media outlets and there are no signs of slowing down. Is your business using Pinterest?

The visual discovery tool Pinterest continues to make significant gains once again in 2015 and growth has ceased to slow. Using this social media platform gives entrepreneurs, businesses and enterprises plenty of opportunities to utilize its potential.

A recent post by Pinterest for Business highlights how to effectively connect with a targeted audience or community and unlike other popular social networks this one requires proactively listening to users on the site. The success story was illustrated by Citrus Lane—a trusted destination for parents to discover, buy and share the best products for their children— and how it strategically positioned itself with its corresponding targeted customer.

Citrus Lane is a subscription-based service that sends parents monthly care packages filled with toys, books, snacks and other curated items. The reason it works well on Pinterest is because it's not just a website to upload images, but to reach the company´s customer and increase sales. The average order value (AOV) from Pinterest users is $179.36, which is higher than Facebook and Twitter.

“Pinterest has a unique social makeup that aligns really well for Citrus Lane. For one, our most relevant demographic (moms) is here and growing here. More importantly, our mission to help parents discover the best of products for their little ones is best done visually (Pins!). Reading and hearing about our boxes is one thing, but seeing is another. Why explain something in a thousand words when you can just show them.” explains Jason Lieu, marketing manager. 

The social networking destination does deliver results if you carefully follow the guidelines on how to succeed. It is a powerhouse in the world of social commerce and includes maximizing it for search engine optimization (SEO).

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Pinterest etiquette and best practices

For the past few years, Pinterest has followed its own model and earned a respectable ranking in the world of social media marketing. All of this has been possible with the concept of the service and the simplicity of sharing images or photos in a way that is very user-friendly.

Pinterest now has tons of categories with perhaps thousands if not millions of images. Remember using the service is more than just gathering followers, but sharing your passion. If the intended use is professional, you need to formulate a basic idea of what the experience is going to be like and how it relates to the needs of others.

You may want to start taking pictures and uploading original content. Or perhaps visit IM Creator for free to use photos as a starting ground without licensing restriction to get a deeper understanding just how the social media website works.

According to SearchCRM, social media listening is a process through which you identify and assess what is said about a company, individual, product or brand. So do exactly as the definition so clearly states and be an active listener to identify what customers think of your business.

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Latest news on Pinterest and company valuation

Technology seems to be evolving and traveling at the speed of light. That also seems true of Pinterest these days given that the social media service has been around for a short time.

A New York Times report explained Pinterest is now valued at $11 billion. This is due to the development of its advertising product promoted Pins along with generating solid revenue from advertisers using it.

Elsewhere French financial newspaper, Les Echos, confirmed that 40 percent of Pinterest users are from markets outside of the United States (U.S).

It is probably a matter of time when Pinterest eventually makes the move for an initial public offer (IPO).

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