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Health care consumers are faced with many decisions concerning the various types of healthcare facilities and venues in which they can ...

Health care consumers are faced with many decisions concerning the various types of healthcare facilities and venues in which they can access quality healthcare. As a physician, it is important to offer your patients a variety of treatment setting options such as local health clinics, private healthcare centers or physician-owned private healthcare facilities, which provide a wide range of tertiary care options.

You'll want to make sure you know about the local healthcare facilities, healthcare clinics and general hospitals you plan to send your patients to. Which ones offer the best services? Which ones accept your patient's insurance? Which ones offer the care your patient needs? When looking for facilities, consider these options:

1. Find the best local healthcare facilities to send your patients to for lab work and x-rays.

2. Locate the best local healthcare clinics to send your patients to for any additional testing they may need.

3. Research the best local general hospitals to send your patients to for any inpatient and outpatient care needs they have.

Find local healthcare facilities

Whether you choose private healthcare facilities, a healthcare center or local lab, make Edit Guide | Work.comsure you do your research and find the facility that can provide your patients all of their basic healthcare needs that you can't provide at your office, such as lab work, x-rays and EKGs.
Health Resource and Services Administration offers a directory of healthcare centers in your area.  Be sure to check reports of deficiencies and citations for nursing homes; you can do that in California through the California Healthcare Foundation and in Maryland through Voices for Quality Care (LTC), Inc..

Find local healthcare clinics

When your patients need additional testing, such as echocardiograms, stress tests, MRIs or other non invasive tests, you'll want to send them to a healthcare clinic that can provide the best testing for them.

Find local general hospitals

When your patients need inpatient or outpatient hospital visits, you'll want to send them to a hospital you can both feel comfortable with. Hospitals you send your patients to should have all of the latest diagnostic tests, clean rooms and excellent caregivers.
Medline Plus allows you to locate hospitals within 200 miles of the zip code you enter, and then you can search by hospital specialty and services.  US News & World Report publishes the respected America's Best Hospitals guide.

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