Help! No One is Downloading My eBook / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Not seeing the conversion rates you want on your eBook? It's not too late to optimize, here's how.

eBooks are an amazing conversion tool, but it can be deeply frustrating when they don't convert as many leads as you first hoped, especially because you spent quite a bit of time and effort creating it.

Take deep breaths. It's not too late.

The great thing about all content pieces, eBooks included, is that they can be optimized! In this article, we are going to present five problems that may explain why your eBook is lacking in downloads, and also five great solutions—so you can stop worrying and start converting.

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1. Your Topic is Overdone

Everyone is creating content these days—the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Poor content is flooding the internet because marketing is a quick game, and to see results fast, a lot of people are tempted to replicate the success of others. However, with so much noise in the content marketing space, it takes something really special to ensure you stand out.


Stop creating 'me too' content for the hope of some subpar success. Instead, plan your eBooks carefully and write about topics that you know inside-out. eBooks are supposed to be valuable content pieces, that's what makes people hand over their contact details in order to download them—you should never create an eBook just for the sake of it. Make sure you have something great to say.

2. Your Conversion Form Asks Too Much

We all want as much information about our leads as possible, but a long-winded form that asks too much is going to dissuade people from giving you any information. Your conversion form has to be clear, simple and above all, visible. Forms that are not placed above the fold (meaning, people have to scroll down the page to see it) ask too much of your visitors.


First, get that form above the fold where everyone can see it.

Then, it's time to optimize.

In theory, all you need to collect from people to nurture them as leads is their email address. Everything else just helps you to nurture them more effectively. If your conversion form currently asks too much, you have two options:

1. Strip everything back and just ask for their email address. A one field form can appear very attractive to busy people.

 eBopk download example

2. You can change your form very slightly by marking some fields as required as some as optional. This way, the form looks less daunting to visitors, and also gives you the chance to capture some of the extra details you want if people choose to fill them in. 

3. Your Landing Page has a Navigation Bar

Did you know that only 16 percent of landing pages are free of navigation bars? That means a staggering 84 percent of marketers are making it easy for visitors to say 'no thanks' to downloading their eBooks.

It can be a very difficult feat to get people on your landing page in the first place, so the last thing you should be doing is making it easy for them to leave without converting.


The solution here is very simple: remove the navigation bar. A landing page should present two possibilities to visitors: convert, or close the page. The only clickable element on the page should be the 'download' button.


It's not just your navigation bar that you should get rid of. Anything that distracts the visitor from their goal has got to go. An ideal landing page will include just three things: a description of your eBook, an interesting image and the conversion form. Everything else is dead weight.

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4. Your Design is Lacking

Despite the age-old saying, the unfortunate truth is that people are judging your book by its cover. If your eBook cover is bland and uninspiring, then people are going to assume that the content inside is too.

It doesn't matter if you are the world's greatest writer, if your eBook is lacking in design then it will not acquire the attention it deserves.


The visual aspects of your eBook are just as important as the written copy. After all, people only remember 20 percent of what they read and an impressive 80 percent of what they see.

Hire a professional designer to create an eBook cover with your brand guidelines in mind. A well-designed eBook branded in your own specific style will encourage people to download it because it shows that you have complete faith in your product.

5. You Haven't Promoted Enough

Everyone should know by now that "if you build it they will come" is a total lie. The internet is far too crowded for someone to stumble across your eBook simply by chance. You need to make sure that the right people know about your eBook.


The best thing about this problem is that there are so many solutions.

First of all, you should email everyone on your list to let them know about your amazing new eBook. Then, you should promote on social networks, using paid ads to further your reach.

Another great way to get your eBook noticed is to place it on a directory site. eBook directory sites make it easy for readers to find the perfect eBook, which in turn finds marketers the perfect leads.

Final Thoughts

If you struggled with any of the problems mentioned in this article, then hopefully the solutions will help you get back on track. Remember, getting leads is far from the final step. From there, you have to nurture those leads into customers, and then delight those customers so much that they become avid promoters of your brand.

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