Herbs and Spices Education and Training

By Christine Pollock,
business.com writer
Dec 15, 2011
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Use herbs and spices education and training to enhance your professional offerings

When you get herbs and spices education and training, it gives you an edge in the cooking industry and shows your dedication to putting your best efforts into the foods you prepare. With training, you can learn the science behind mixing different tastes and even discover where you can procure the best products.

Working with cooking spices is an ever-changing process, so it's important to keep current with new market offerings. Some ways you might want to educate yourself in cooking with herbs and spices include the following choices:

1. Take educational classes that teach ways to use food spices.

2. Learn about cooking with gourmet spices by taking online courses.

3. Broaden your herbs and spices education and training by visiting an exhibition, trade show or seminar.

Learn to deal with herb importers and to use spices and herbs in cooking with formal schooling

When you want to create flavors, you can either take what spice wholesalers and spice distributors have to offer or you can grow your own herbs and spices. You can also learn to blend spices to create your own flavors the way seasoning producers do. Discover the science behind nature's bounty as you take culinary courses.
The Culinary Institute of America offers classes for students interested in becoming chefs, food service managers or food writers. It boasts of its hands-on training opportunities and its success with placement in restaurants. CulinarySchools.com offers an article on the role of education in cooking. Its homepage lists culinary schools around the country where you can learn how to use herbs and spices to enhance your dishes.

Take online classes to learn about cooking herbs and cooking with spices

If you don't have the time or resources to attend a formal culinary school, consider learning about cooking spices and herbs in gourmet dishes by taking cooking classes online. This allows you to learn based on your unique schedule.
World Wide Learn offers a detailed description on various courses and classes you can take through online venues. It covers areas such as gourmet cooking and spice information. Go to eLearners.com to find a list of courses you can take online that teach you about using herbs to flavor the food you prepare. Its easy-to-use index links you to sites where you can learn more about taking classes in areas like gourmet cooking.

Go to seminars, conferences and trade shows to learn about herbs and spices

Experience and savor the way food spices enhance cooking by attending conferences, trade shows and seminars. This gives you the opportunity to learn more about spices and herbs as you question experts and also gives you a chance to network with others in the field.
The American Herb Association offers many seminars and classes focused on herbs and their unique properties. Its course offerings include topics such as gourmet vegetarian cooking with herbs. The Ozark Folk Center State Park has many exhibitions and festivals centered on herbs. Many of its offerings include information on cooking with herbs, such as its Lavish Herb Feast and its Herb Harvest Fall Festival.
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